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‘Slow takeoff’: Purchase of Mexicana goods will be extended until January 2024

Mexicana de Aviación workers have not been able to complete the sale of the airline’s assets due to some pending issues regarding real estate and bureaucratic processes that prevent the second dispersion of resources for around 407 million pesos.

According to an internal statement sent to the members of the Air Flight Attendants Union Association (ASSA), the sale of the goods will be extendedat least, to end of January 2024.

“(It is necessary that) the Mexican Aviation Company SA. de CV through the Receivership, carry out several acts before the Judicial Authorities of the Superior Court of Justice of the CDMX, to be legally able to carry out the alienation of the assets jointly with INVEX, which It is estimated that it will take at least a couple of months.“, indicates the internal communication of which The financial has a copy.

The ASSA added that, once the protocols are resolved, the second stage of the delivery of the deposit notes by the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board will proceed.

“The corresponding authorities inform us that the dispersion will be carried out tentatively at end of January“, highlights the circular sent to the workers.

The Federal Government agreed to the purchase of goods and brands of the Mexican airline for around 815 million pesosof which, has already paid 407 to employees and former employees of the airline; However, the assets have not yet been sold due to some problems that, according to sources, have already been eliminated and all that remains is to conclude the formalization of the purchase of a series of properties located in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

While the acquisition of the goods continues, the new State airline – which would carry the Mexican brand and be managed by the army – continues without adding aircraft to its fleet and without a clear date for the start of its operations which, according to the president, should start andl December 2.

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