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‘Slow and with overcrowded people’: CDMX Metro begins the week with failures on these 4 lines

The Mexico City Metro began the week with delays, stopped trains and crowds on four lines.

As is customary, the Line A presents slow advance of saturated trains and wagons. In the Line B Saturation was recorded this morning, especially in the transfer at the Oceanía station that connects with Line 5.

The Line 8 is the one with the most complaints this morning. There are crowds and delays of up to 20 minutes from the Constitución de 1917 terminal station. In addition, trains headed to Garibaldi stop for up to seven minutes at each station. They demand empty units to speed up progress.

Around 6:47 a.m., the Metro announced that a train was removed for inspection, hence the slow movement along the line.

The Line 9 It is “stuck” both in people and in progress. According to reports this morning, users take up to 30 minutes to board a car and trains take 10 minutes to reach the stations.

National Drill 2023: These measures will be applied by the CDMX Metro

The Mexico City Metro will implement safety protocols in case of earthquake on the occasion of the Second National Drill 2023 that will take place on September 19 at 11 o’clock.

He reported that at the time the seismic alert sounded all The trains of the transportation network will stop providing service for a maximum of 4 minutes. Only units that are close to a station will continue moving until they can stop.

People who are within a convoy must remain within the unit. While the authorities carry out a general review of the facilities so that the service can be resumed.

Recommendations during an earthquake in the Metro

The Metro Collective Transportation System released a list of recommendations for users who are inside the facilities In case of a seismic emergency:

  • Stay calm: avoid running, shouting and pushing
  • People within a convoy must remain within the unit.
  • If you find yourself on a platform, retreat to the wall and listen to the instructions of the authorities for possible evacuation routes.
  • Do not cross the yellow line
  • Avoid invading tunnels or access to another station.

Until September 13, around 19,222 properties had been registered in Mexico City to participate in the 2023 National Drill, of which 4,972 were federal buildings; 1,374 from CDMX government agencies; 297 were from the mayor’s offices and 12,579 were private properties.

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