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Sleeping Tips At Night: If you have become upset by changing sides at night, then these can be 3 reasons for not sleeping

How To Get Better Sleep: Avoid keeping certain things under your pillow.

How To Get Better Sleep At Night: It is generally believed that after going to bed at night after a long day of work and fatigue, sleep comes, but sometimes it does not happen with many people. Even after a whole day’s fatigue, people are not able to sleep properly, the whole night passes by changing sides. In such a situation, the next day the body feels tired and the anxiety increases. There can be many reasons for this sleep problem. Sometimes the reason for this is also considered to be the things kept under your pillow. It is believed that if any wrong item is kept under your bed or pillow while sleeping, then sleep does not come properly. In this article, we are telling some tips, which will make it easier for you to understand which things should be kept under the pillow while sleeping and which should not.

Do not keep these things under the pillow while sleeping. What Should Not Be Kept Under Pillow While Sleeping


1) Do not keep any sharp objects

Do not keep sharp objects like scissors, knives or blades under your bed or pillow while sleeping. Doing this also causes trouble in sleeping or their stinging can disturb sleep. At the same time, it is also believed that such things interfere with your sleep as well as cause bad dreams.

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2) don’t keep money

Many people have a habit that they keep their purse or money under their bed or pillow while sleeping, but doing so is not considered appropriate according to astrology. It is said that doing so insults Kuber, the god of wealth.

3) Don’t keep gadgets

Often people spend their time on mobile and laptop before sleeping at night, in such a situation, they sleep by keeping these gadgets near the bed or under the pillow while sleeping. Doing so is not considered appropriate from a health point of view. Try not to have e-gadgets around your bed at night.

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