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Slap and scold Lezama

The gober from Quintana Roo was called to account at the National Palace. The slap on the wrist must have been strong for having allowed a mafia of taxi drivers to endanger the “goose that lays the golden eggs” that is the tourism sector, because Mara Lezama He recognized that the conflict is affecting the image of the state… and of course, even a travel alert brought out the US. When leaving the presidential office, the morenista assured that she is already working on the operating rules of the concessioned transport. Let’s see who believes him.

And what does Ana Patricia Peralta do?

In the midst of all this environment, the calls of the mayor of Cancun (Benito Juárez) are absurd. Ana Patricia Peraltato peace and dialogue. By disseminating a call on networks, criticism rained down on him from tourists, who are victims of attacks by taxi drivers. It should not be forgotten that on various occasions it has been pointed out that taxis are also used to distribute drugs in the tourist area.

Plural Gallery in the Senate

In the former headquarters of the Senate, in Xicoténcatl, Ricardo Monreal inaugurated the Gallery of Coordinators of the Political Coordination Board. The exhibition is made up of the portraits of the senators who have presided over the Jucopo in its 24 years of existence. the same thing appears the boss Diego Fernández than Manlio Fabio Beltrones. The panista Santiago Creel and the morenista Monreal also look good. According to the Zacatecan, it is a recognition of the work and trajectory of those who have gone through this responsibility. An egotheque, yes, but it is also a gesture of plurality in the face of so much exclusion and sectarianism.

Sheinbaum, Godoy and the voice of the victims

After what Claudia Sheinbaum catalog to Ernestina Godoy As “the best prosecutor in the country”, Alejandra Cuevas, who was imprisoned for 528 days on the orders of the head of the FGR, Alejandro Gertz Manero, questioned the praise. The woman, who is the daughter of the prosecutor’s ex-sister-in-law, reminded them that “they both knew that Gertz had me in jail with a non-existent crime and they were his accomplices. They broke the law. How many people have they done it to, how many more? What a danger for everyone.” Bad background to be considered “the best”.

all vs. Plan B

The PAN, PRI and PRD benches in the lower house, which coordinate Jorge Romero, Ruben Moreira Y Luis Espinosa, prepare a new action of unconstitutionality before the Court against the electoral plan B of the tenant of the National Palace. The appeal is related to the reforms to the Law of Social Communication and the Federal Law of Responsibilities of Public Servants. It will be the fourth to be presented this week and, everything indicates, more are coming.

The importance of preventing damage

Yesterday the Head of Government posted that, with the President, “we are solving the problems of T2 of the AICM, built in the period of Fox and Calderón.” Claudia Sheinbaum He added that “it was going to last 10 years, since they would demolish it to put up a real estate development and build the NAIM in Texcoco with the same or more damage than T2 due to subsidence.” Good thing they prevent damage. I wish they had done that on the L-12 of the Metro, and the death of 27 people would have been avoided.

Opinions on García Luna and due process

At the time of the trial of Genaro García Luna, the minister Arturo Zaldivar seems to have an opinion. On Monday he recalled that it was 10 years since the Court ordered the release of Florence Cassez. And he added: “No more montages and fabrication of culprits.” Will it be part of his campaign to be Attorney General of the Republic? In contrast, for the president of the lower house, PAN member Santiago Creel, so far in the trial there have only been sayings. By the way, he criticized López Obrador, because his opinions “are reckless, anticipated, and he is breaking all the rules of due process.”

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