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Sky Rompiendo, Arcángel and Dei V sing to their “Crush”

Artist and producer Sky Rompiendo released a new single, “Crush”, in collaboration with Arcángel and Dei V.

This musical alliance highlights the style of Sky Rompiendo, while Arcángel and Dei V contribute their unmistakable melodic voices.

Together, they give life to a story about a man who falls in love with a woman, ready to shower her with attention. The song is now available on all digital platforms under the Sony Music Latin label.

After having conquered the popularity charts in the summer with “El Cielo”, a collaboration with Myke Towers and Feid, which has accumulated more than 300 million views globally, Sky recently dazzled in the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2023. At this event, the Colombian joined his collaborators on stage for a memorable performance of “El Cielo”, being the first time that these three titans of music shared the stage.

Before establishing himself as a versatile performer, Sky was already recognized as one of the most prominent producers worldwide, having created anthems for Latin stars such as Bad Bunny, J. Balvin, Karol G, Rosalía, Anitta, Feid, Rauw Alejandro and Nicky Jam.

In addition, he has worked on cross-border collaborations with greats from the Anglo-Saxon market such as The Weeknd, Pharrell and Travis Scott.

Jay Lugo presents a salsa, along with Ken Y

From elsewhere, Jay Lugoannounced the release of his new single, “Yo Te Voy A Amar” (Cover of “This I Promise You”), performed in collaboration with the prominent urban artist Ken Y in the salsa genre. The song, composed by Chirino Anjeannette, promises to captivate audiences around the world with its fusion of unique musical styles.

Jay Lugo indicated that “I’m going to love you is a song that I recorded a few years ago and I kept it saved until the right moment appeared to release it on the streets. It is special because Ken Y apart from being a colleague, he is a super talented artist who plays the piano and has the most beautiful voice, so for me it is a real pleasure.”

The music video for “Yo Te Voy A Amar” was directed by Nelson Rivera and was filmed in the Piñones area.

This song comes with the support of the JAK Tropical label, which continues to promote tropical talent and support the growth of the genre.

Caleb Calloway launches “En La Raya”, epic meeting between Chile and Argentina

Caleb Calloway released his latest single, “En la Raya”, in collaboration with Taichu and Polimá Westcoast, a song that promises to take listeners on a journey to the golden era of the 2000s, while introducing a unique blend of sounds. reggaeton and house.

“En la Raya” is an expression that became famous in many songs of the 2000s, used in iconic songs by artists like Héctor “El Father”. This song by Caleb Calloway pays tribute to that era and fuses the characteristic sounds of “hayabusa” music with elements of house, a musical genre that Caleb has masterfully incorporated into his style.

“We wanted to keep the essence of those years alive, mixing it with the contemporary house sounds that characterize me,” said Calloway. The song tells the story of a chance meeting with a special person, who is heading to a jangueo (social gathering) on ​​a motorboat. The lyrics are made up of the creativity and talent of Taichu and Polimá, who bring their unique style to the song.

The music video was filmed in Buenos Aires and promises to be a captivating visual experience that perfectly complements the atmosphere of the song.

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