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Single Paper Ballot: with the majority of exhibitors defending the project, the debate begins in Deputies

Pushed by the united opposition, the debate for the Single Paper Ballot (BUP) will start this Tuesday in a plenary session of commissions in Deputies. There are 46 exhibitors on the guest listwhich will be distributed between this first meeting and the one on Tuesday of next week.

The vast majority -more than 40- were summoned by Together for Change that encourages -along with other smaller and provincial forces- this change in the way of casting the vote, with the resistance of the Frente de Todos and pronouncements already made explicit against both Cristina Kirchner and President Alberto Fernández. what opens questions about the fate of the initiative in the Senate, once it is approved by the Deputies, which is almost taken for granted.

For this Tuesday, exhibitors include Julia Pomares (former CIPPEC, today head of advisers to the Buenos Aires government), the former Secretary of Political Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Adrian Perez -who piloted the frustrated electoral reform in the Cambiemos administration-; Gustavo Lema (Tax Network), Claudius Bargach (Network Ser Prosecutor); Gaston Mara (Clean File Foundation); Dear Leandro (Electoral Transparency); Carolina Tchintian (CIPECC), and from the university environment, John Black (UTDT), Gerardo Scherlis (UBA) and soft oscar (UNR), among others.

The ex-governor of Salta will also present Juan Manuel Urtubey: At a barbecue at his house in the “anti-crack” sectors a month ago, the movement for the BUP began to take shape.

For next week they are committed, among others, Alan Clutterbuck, president of the RAP Foundation, a strong promoter of this reform; and the former deputy of the UCR Gustavo Mennawho led the presentation of the project, which had the signatures of legislators from different parties, including the ruling party.

The plenary session of the Constitutional Affairs, Justice, and Budget and Finance committees, chaired respectively by the deputies Hernán Pérez Araujo, Rodolfo Tailhade and Carlos Heller, All of the Front of All, is summoned by a majority vote of the united opposition in the Chamber, to issue an opinion on May 31, recalled the radical salteño Miguel Nanni, Vice President for Constitutional Affairs. The opposition legislator regretted that the ruling party did not want to include the possibility of zoom exposures, an issue that generated a strong counterpoint last week, when the mechanics of dealing with the matter in committees were agreed upon in plenary session.

This move by the main opposition – which was supported by a range of people from the Federal Interbloc, the liberals and the provincials from Rio Negro and even the deputy of the Workers’ Party Romina del Plá – put the ruling party in trouble, which responded by putting on the agenda and the same days that the Single Ticket, Cristina Kirchner’s project that already has half a sanction from the Senate, to reform the Council of the Judiciary.

The effect, stepping on the debate for Single Ticket -an opposition agenda, which makes the government uncomfortable. The plenary by BUP is summoned to 10, and should last until 13 since at 14 the meeting is convened – also informative and with exhibitors – for the projects of changes in the Council of the Judiciary. That will force to shorten the presentations of the guests in the meeting in the morning.

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