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Simeone’s Atlético never left

I was hidden and at times It is true that he gave signs that he did not want to appear again, but Simeone’s Atlético de Madrid is very much in force. I’m talking of course about Atlético, who closes his eyes so as not to read the headlines and covers his ears so as not to hear what it’s like to play football well or badly. That Atlético, if he does not get confused again with what they want him to be to continue being what suits him best, has been in force for many years, of course with Simeone at the helm, and has once again shown his leg by adding three consecutive victories in the League and a draw with great sensations against Manchester United.

For a server, the away games against Betis and Osasuna are one more example of the basic pillars that cholismo put back into Atlético’s DNA back in 2011. A team, always with players in shape, that bites instead of barking, really defends instead of saying that they work for it and that adds hard-working players and delivers with others who have carats on their boots. To this formula it is necessary to give proper names today that for me are Gimenez and his return to eleven, the appearance of reinildothe good work of blacksmiththe delivery of belt and the quality of joao felix. Be careful, there is much more, such as the improvement of Oblak, the role of Lodi, an advanced Llorente and what Griezmann will contribute in his return. That to say some examples of it, but the most outstanding, in my opinion, is what I have said before.

It is no coincidence that we are seeing the best Atlético of the year with players who deserve day in, day out, to be and continue in the starting eleven. To be and to continue, important nuance. That is something that can be attributed to Simeone at the beginning of the season. The best were not in the best way and there it was missing that Cholo was just at the level of performance. I know it’s not easy for a coach to seat legends like Koke or Luis Suarez, but you’re not doing them any favors either by forcing machines that, from time to time, need a break and, why not say it, a smack in the form of “that boy That’s why he’s better than you, smartass”. Even so, and as I have said before, I understand that Simeone did not want to leave his soldiers aside. Managing a locker room in a big club is not easy, and even less so with a group that made you league champion years ago.

Within this management, which also consists of filtering everything that comes from outside, including what your own fans say, the Koke issue has many edges that, being honest, I describe as very unfair with the Atlético captain. It is true that right now he should not be a starter. In fact, Koke himself knows better than anyone what is happening to him and that he is not showing the best version of himself, but that is far from saying that Atlético is better without Koke. That’s a lie. It’s better without this version of Koke, right. Just as it is much worse when Koke is at his level and he is not in the eleven. Neither cuddles nor daggers. When he is not well, it is said and nothing happens. When he is, he tells himself and nothing happens. I repeat, neither cuddles nor daggers, because Koke, at least, deserves that middle ground.

A middle term that I also think should be applied with Joao Félix. It is no surprise that Joao Félix, who puts all his quality at the service of the team and also throws himself on the ground to cut the ball, press and defend, is the undisputed starter at Atlético del Cholo. It is no surprise. It gives the feeling and I hope it lasts, that two intentions have finally come together in one. Simeone and his intention to give more minutes to Joao Félix, which is the only thing that could allow him to shine, and Joao Félix’s intention to justify that trust by doing everything Simeone asks. Everything. Both, within their logical egos, seek the same thing. Simeone to the best Joao Félix and Joao Félix to the best… yes, to the best Joao Félix who is the star of Atlético de Madrid. He couldn’t be any clearer. Now, if there are no injuries involved and both maintain their intentions, the final rise of the Portuguese can finally begin. He happened with Griezmann and it can happen with Joao. And yes, Antoine in his day thought that Simeone was a bore. A tiresome manual. Now look how they get along. Because two do not improve, if one does not want, transforming the popular saying. Joao Félix won’t improve if Simeone doesn’t want to and Joao won’t improve if Joao doesn’t want to. End of the matter.

Now, already in Champions positions and with players like Joao in a state of grace, Atlético’s objective must be to win all the finals on the way until the end of the season and then… then we’ll see what plan to follow. However, I stand by what I said before. Simeone’s Atlético never left. He was lost, yes, but he never left. and she had to come to hit the Gil Marín table in a meeting with staff and coaching staff. A blow that should have come before honestly. The one who trains commands, period. It is the club’s decision. Who likes it well. If you don’t like it… well, they’re putting The Batman in theaters now. Of course, what is becoming clearer every day is that the best Atlético always appears when he closes his eyes and covers his ears, ignoring comments about what it is to play football well or badly. Simeone’s Atlético, the real one, wins. How is he winning now? The rest is smoke.


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