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Side Effects Of Ginger: If you are fond of drinking ginger tea, then before that know its 6 disadvantages

1. Ginger tea can cause digestive problems

Consuming ginger tea in excess can cause problems like heartburn, gas or upset stomach, because ginger can harm the stomach when mixed with tea.

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2. Blood thinning properties

Ginger naturally has properties that can thin the blood. This condition can be harmful for people taking blood thinners. In such a situation, these people should either consume ginger tea carefully or drink it only after asking the doctor.

3. Ginger allergy with medications

Consuming ginger with some medicines can increase allergies, especially if ginger is consumed along with medicines taken in diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, blood clotting, it can have a bad effect on health.

4. Allergic Reaction

Some people may be allergic to ginger, which can cause allergic reactions like skin rash, itching or swelling.

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5. Consume ginger tea regularly during pregnancy

Pregnant women should consume ginger tea in regular quantity, as it can generate heat in the body. In such a situation, you can drink some ginger tea to get rid of morning sickness, but do not consume it more often than that.

6. Increase gall bladder problem

Some research has shown that excessive consumption of ginger tea can increase pitta problem, which leads to excessive tiredness, lack of sleep and burning sensation in the body.

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