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Shooting in Texas: who was the teacher Eva Mireles, the first identified victim of the massacre

I have been an educator for 17 years. I have a supportive, fun and loving family, which includes an officer (Ruiz), a graduate daughter (Adalynn), and three furry friends (Callie, Kane, and Joda). I love running and hiking.” This is how he presented himself Eva Mireles on the website of Robb Elementary School, where this Tuesday she was killed along with 19 children by an 18-year-old shooter, who was shot by the Police.

Although the authorities remain cautious when providing statements regarding the massacre in Texas, the second with the highest number of deaths in a school in the United States, the teacher Mireles, from 44 yearsIt was identified as the first fatal victim throught social media.

“I’m getting different stories from different media outlets and even from the governor, so I’m still waiting for factual information. One thing for sure is that my beautiful niece did not survive this cowardly attack“, confirmed Lydia Martinez Delgado, Mireles’s aunt, through Facebook.

Teacher Eva Mireles, the first identified victim of the school massacre. Photo Twitter

And he complained: “I am furious because these children are innocent and because rifles shouldn’t be so easily available to everyone. I never imagined this would happen, especially to my loved ones. All we can do is pray for our country and for the families of the victims.”

After it was confirmed that Mireles was on the list of people killed, some mothers of children who had had her as a teacher lamented on Twitter and highlighted her human qualities.

“My daughter’s beautiful teacher was murdered in Uvalde, Texas. Eva (Mrs. Mireles) taught Gabby in elementary school. She was a beautiful person and a dedicated teacher. She believed in Gabby and did her best to teach her. There are no words,” Audrey wrote, along with a photo in which Mireles can be seen holding hands with a girl at a desk.

For her part, Eliza Orlins, a lawyer and well-known television personality from New York, wrote: “The teacher who was murdered today, Eva Mireles, reminds me of my little sister. My sister is an elementary school teacher. She’d take a bullet for her students, but fuck, she shouldn’t have to.

Eva Mireles had been a fourth-grade teacher for 17 years at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, about 85 miles west of San Antonio. She was married to Ruben Ruiz, a 44-year-old officer from the local police department. Together they had a daughter who was going to college.

She was the life of the party“, his aunt, Delgado Ruiz, told the American newspaper The New York Times.

Texas shooting: Who was the young man who killed at least 21 people

The United States authorities identified Salvador Ramos to the shooter who entered a Texas elementary school and killed 21 people (19 children and two adults). Official sources indicated that the aggressor was killed by the police.

Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old who entered a Texas school and killed 14 students and a teacher

Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old who entered a Texas school and killed 14 students and a teacher

The young man had 18 years and was a student at Uvalde High School. According to him, before carrying out the shooting at the school he shot his grandmother. However, the researchers have not yet specified whether there is a relationship between the two attacks or how serious the woman is.

The state governor, Greg Abbott, confirmed that the attacker “shot and killed, in a horrible and incomprehensible way, 14 students and killed a teacher.” Four other boys were later confirmed dead.


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