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Sheinbaum talks about the arrest of the Morelos prosecutor: “A femicide will never be hidden again”

Prior to her arrival at the information meeting in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, the former head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum was questioned by the accusations that accuse her of orchestrating the arrest of the Morelos Prosecutor, Uriel Carmona. She explained that the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office is autonomous and that the arrest warrant was ordered by a judge.

He affirmed that it is not a political issue, but simply one of justice, assuring that the FGJCDMX once again sets an example of zero impunity for crimes against women.

He commented that “never again will someone who is dedicated to seeking justice hide a femicide.”

Subsequently, in a massive event held in the vicinity of Plaza Juárez in Ixmiquilpan, next to the emblematic Diana Cazadora fountain, Morena militants and supporters gathered regardless of the rain.

Among these, a significant number of teachers, from different municipalities in the Valle del Mezquital region, to mention Chilcuautla, Cardonal, Alfajayucan, Tasquillo, Santiago de Anaya, San Salvador, Ixmiquilpan, Francisco I. Madero, Huichapan, Actopan, San Salvador, Progress and Tasquillo.

Sheinbaum was also received by a large contingent of tenants of the José María Morelos Municipal Market, asking for her mediation to stop the “abuses and acts of corruption of the municipal president, Araceli Beltrán Contreras”, in turn accused of imposing an administration committee and ordering the previous administrator to jail.

Already in her speech, the former head of government requested support from the militancy, so that they favor him in the surveys that will serve to elect “in a democratic process” who will lead the National Coordination of the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation, since, in the event of being elected, she promised to follow up on the nation project undertaken by López Obrador, in favor of the education, health, the countryside, women, children and the entire low-income population, also including the demands of the inhabitants of the Mezquital Valley.

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