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Sheinbaum charges against the INE: He demands questions from the debate and rejection of voters abroad

Claudia Sheinbaum joined the claims made by different political groups against the National Electoral Institute (INE) due to the low number of foreign voters in the upcoming elections on June 2, and added that “it is incredible” that having 40 million Mexicans in the United Statesand that there are close to 20 million of them with the possibility of voting, only 250 thousand were able to register with obstacles that did not allow close to 39,724 to vote.

The comments of the presidential candidate representing Morena and allies occur after the INE rejected the registrations of about 39,724 Mexicans abroad to the Nominal Listwith which they are supposed to be able to vote on Sunday, June 2.

The reason why the INE canceled the applications for voters was because irregularities occurred in the supporting documents with which the request was made; howeverthis caused hundreds of people to express their annoyance before the authorization process of the electoral referee.

Sheinbaum claimed that the INE has not facilitated the process so that Mexicans can vote from abroad, since it is not enough to just have a voter ID card, and that It is not a matter of the consulatesbut from the institute itself.

He assured that the fact of guaranteeing the vote to Mexicans who live In other countries it is called “democracy”and criticized the behavior of the INE regarding the process.

Sheinbaum will stand up to the INE: They will present an approach on the format of the debate by AMLO

Sheinbaum announced that his team will present a proposal to the INE regarding what was established for the first debate and how it was developed regarding the questions, as he claimed that “the questions… were oriented as if nothing had happened regarding the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”

The candidate assured that the questions were asked without mentioning progress with respect to the current administration, and that even claimed that they were poorly presented, according to herwhich caused complications over time.

“And when there is a minute and a half to answer, between you saying that the question is poorly posedyou respond with your proposals and answer some personal question or about the project and compare the projects because there is no time,” said Sheinbaum.

He general approach, in addition to involving Morena and allies, It will also have opinions from leaders of Movimiento Ciudadano and the Va por México alliance (PRI-PAN-PRD).

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