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Sharing value: are French employees harmed?

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Despite the large dividends distributed by CAC 40 companies, a study shows that the sharing of value does not drift in favor of shareholders.

By Marc Vignaud

The average increase in wages was insufficient to cover the rise in prices.

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Lhe government wants to be able to respect one of Emmanuel Macron’s main campaign promises: the creation of an “employee dividend”. In a context of loss of purchasing power linked to the return of inflation and the non-indexation of wages, this project has been brought back to the fore. Faced with pressure for a greater increase in wages in companies, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, estimated, in a recent interview with the Parisianthat “the best sharing of value must be the major project of the majority”.

What is the employee dividend? “It’s profit for all,” summarizes the minister in a slogan. The idea is to force companies that pay dividends to distribute money to employees…


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