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“Share accurate and real-time information on Covid status..”: WHO to China

Increasing cases in China may result in the development of new variants of the virus.

The World Health Organization has once again urged Chinese health authorities to regularly share specific and real-time information on the status of COVID-19 in the country, as new cases of infection help in assessment. WHO has asked Chinese authorities to share more genetic sequencing data, data on hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations.

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China’s official figures have become an unreliable guide, as fewer tests are being conducted across the country following a recent relaxation of the strict “zero-covid” policy. The WHO has said that China may face a lot of difficulty in matching COVID-19 infections.

According to a Reuters report, the agency has invited Chinese scientists to provide detailed data on viral sequencing at a technical advisory group meeting scheduled for January 3.

Covid infections have soared across China this month after Beijing rolled out zero-Covid policies, including routine PCR testing on its population. The United States, South Korea, India, Italy, Japan and Taiwan have all instituted COVID tests for travelers from China in response.

The United States has attributed the recent change in its policy to a lack of information about COVID variants and concerns that new variants of the virus may develop as a result of rising cases in China.

China’s National Health Commission said in a statement on Friday that senior Chinese health officials exchanged views with the WHO on the new coronavirus through a video conference.

The Chinese health authority said the two sides exchanged views on the current Pandemic situation, medical treatment, vaccination and other technical matters, and more technical exchanges would be held.

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