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Shakira and Manuel Turizo together in “Empty Cup”

A new success for Shakira seems to be just around the corner. After his single with Ozuna, BZRP Music Sessions #53, a song that ranked #1 worldwide before being dethroned by Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers”, and the moving piece he did with his two little ones, titled “Acróstico ”, a new surprise would be cooking by the Barranquillera. That was what Manuel Turizo, famous for “La Bachata”, “Éxtasis” and “Te olvido”, told the news agency at first. EFEand who will now dive into a great collaboration with Shakira.

It is about “Empty Cup”, a new song that, apparently, will be released in the next few days. It should be remembered that rumors about the collaboration of the two Colombians on a new single began to emerge at the beginning of the year, when a stanza of the song was leaked on social networks and the Shazam application showed what appeared to be the album cover. Faced with this, El Tiempo confirmed with the Sony Music label that, in effect, the song is going to come out and it was not a rumor.

Later, in early June, Manuel Turizo told EFE that the single will be released “very soon” and that it had been something “brutal” to record with her. “All Latino artists would like to have the opportunity to do this. She (Shakira) for me is the queen of Latin music, she is one of the greatest references that we have. It was incredible. It was like I dreamed it,” said the singer of “La Bachata.”

What is known about the song?

For now, there is not much information available about what this new piece could be, beyond what has been leaked on social networks and now, a new photograph published by the interpreter of “Monotonía”. From the beginning, according to the images of Shazam, Shakira would be in this new installment characterized as a mermaid after being captured. Her hair is pink, just as she wore it in the ‘Blackmail’ video clip.

This was confirmed on Friday, through a photograph on Twitter in which a mermaid could be seen on the beach, sitting on a rock.

This excited his thousands of followers, who were also surprised by the description of the photo that says “You want thingamabobs? I got twenty…”, which in Spanish would be “Do you want things? I’m twenty…” It should be noted that thingamabobs, is a word that is used in English to refer to an object when the person has forgotten its name. Likewise, it is a clear reference to The Little Mermaid, since “Ariel” uses this word when she shows Flounder a briefcase full of strange objects for her.

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