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Shahnaz Husain is telling how to take care of your skin during Holi, do these things for your skin before playing Holi. Holi Skin Care

Who is not in a hurry to celebrate Holi with family, but before that prepare your skin well. Apply coconut or almond oil on your hair the night before Holi. If your scalp is oily, then apply oil in the morning.

Clean your face thoroughly and apply moisturizer according to skin type. Instead of moisturizing, you can also apply lukewarm coconut oil on your hands and feet. It forms a barrier between the skin and the colors. Later it will be easier for you to remove the colors.

Holi colors may spoil your hair health, learn from Shahnaz Hussain how to protect your silky hair from the effects of Holi. Holi Hair Care Routine

Avoid exposing your skin

The skin can get burnt due to strong sunlight. Not only this, if color gets on hands and feet, it can be difficult to remove it. This is why you should not expose the skin. Apart from this, do not forget to wear a hat to protect yourself from sunlight and color.

do not rub the skin

Many people have a habit of rubbing the skin too hard to remove the color. Avoid doing this. This may cause skin rashes and itching. To remove the color, first dust off the dried color and then wipe your skin with a wet cloth. You can also remove color by applying coconut oil on the skin.

Holi Skin & Hair Care Tips: People with sensitive skin should especially take care of their skin during Holi.

use natural colors

Chemical-rich colors can be harmful not only for you but also for other people. These colors contain lead and glass etc., which irritate the skin. If these colors accidentally enter your eyes or throat, you may suffer huge losses. In such a situation, choose only natural and organic colors. Colors made from flowers, leaves, herbs and vegetables do not cause any problem to you. These are safe for the skin.

wash face with cold water

Whenever dry color appears, scrub it off and then wash the face with cold water. The cold water will soothe the skin and help reduce your irritation. Keep in mind not to wash your face with hot water. This can further dry the skin.

drink enough water

In this festival everyone goes out early in the morning. Staying in strong sunlight will not only cause sunburn but can also cause dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated on festival days. Drink adequate amount of water from morning to evening. This will help you feel less tired and your skin will also get adequate hydration. Your skin will not feel dry after bathing.

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