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Sergio Ramos: “I want to show all the football I have left”

the spanish defender Sergio Ramos regrets this Tuesday the “few minutes” he has been able to play this season with the Paris Saint Germain in his best level of form and affirms that he is “wanting to return to the pitch to show all the football he has left”.

Speaking to his club’s television, Ramos, whose injuries have prevented him from having regularity with the club he signed for this summer, says that although adapting to the city was difficult, they made it very easy for him in the dressing room. “At first the adaptation was hard, there were many years in another club, where you had everything under control, the club, the house, the children’s school. It was not so easy to get to a city as spectacular as Paris, it was difficult for us to find a house“, said.

“Adaptation to the team was quick, because there were players with whom he had coincided,” he added. In particular, he highlighted the role that the Costa Rican goalkeeper had in that case Keylor Navas, with whom he had spent several years at Real Madrid. “He’s my brother. We had an extraordinary and unique relationship at Real Madrid and meeting him here has made everything easier for me”, he said.

Ramos pointed out that having left Madrid has allowed him to assess some things well. “Paris has other special and magical things, it is good to change to value what you have lived and what you do not know. You have a broader analysis,” she noted.

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