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Sergio Ramos and his new goal: President like Florentino Pérez?

The Champions League returns and it does so with a spectacular duel between PSG and Bayern Munich that will measure, among others, players like Kylian Mbappé or Sergio Ramos against Müller or Mané. In full preview of the match, Ramos has given an interview for in which he has reviewed his first moments in Paris when he arrived two years ago and also his next goals and dreams.

Departure from Real Madrid

“Leaving Real Madrid was, obviously, a very big change. My goal is always to keep winning. I won a lot with Real Madrid, but I thought it was a good opportunity to change scenery. At the beginning everything was very difficult because you have to find a home and settle down, especially when you come with a family, which in my case is four children. The process was a bit hard at first, but everything has gone well”

He came to doubt that he was right

“At the beginning, after making the jump, everything went wrong. I got injured, it was hard for me to recover and adapt to the new system, the new team and the new coach. You start to doubt if you have done the right thing or not. However, my My career has always been defined by perseverance, perseverance and hard work. It’s about continuing to fight, that will give meaning to things that happen in the future.”

The future without being a player

“I invest a lot of time in soccer, and I haven’t had much time for the family these years. So when I retire, I’m going to spend two years educating my children, living everyday things that can’t be done with soccer, like skiing, taking the kids on vacation without pressure, taking them to tennis lessons… trying to have a normal life. I’ll have to be more aware of my business, but in the end what gives me adrenaline and turns me on is football. I’ve done it all my life and it’s what I’m best at. I see myself as president, sports director or coach in the future”

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