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Sergio Massa vented his fury over Alberto Fernández’s complaint against Javier Milei and bets on resuming the campaign

Cornered by the dollar stampede, Sergio Massa He paralyzed his campaign for 24 hours. Although the US currency has remained above $1,000 and this Thursday the inflation number for September will be known, the Minister of Economy will resume his proselytizing agenda in the next few hours, in Entre Ríos, when there are barely 10 days left until the elections. Before reactivating his “candidate mode,” Massa left transcend your fury with Alberto Fernández for the President’s criminal complaint against Javier Milei.

In the campaign command everyone repeated the same script: the head of state it cut itself and he did not consult his allies before denouncing the candidate with the most votes in the PASO, the candidate for head of government Ramiro Marra and the leader of La Libertad Avanza, Agustín Romo, for “instill public fear”.

The libertarian economist had advised Argentines, in an interview with Mitre, against renewing fixed terms, an opinion that for private banks was “irresponsible” and that caused the ruling party to talk about “financial terrorism.”

Even some of the few officials loyal to the President who accompany Fernández on his protocol trips gave credibility to that narrative and highlighted that the complaint was planned by Fernández and the lawyer. Juan Manuel Ubeira, lonely. The last and first Albertistas questioned it, since the management forces Fernández and Massa to speak permanently.

The minister’s discomfort with your boss (on paper) It has an understandable reason. Collides head-on with the minister’s strategy until the moment that consists of bringing Milei’s proposals to the level of reality to object to them and polarize with him. “What would it mean for a mother if her son was armed to class?” “How would the organ market work? And where would the Argentine automakers work if Argentina broke relations with Brazil?” These are some of the unknowns that the consultant posed as a campaign script. Antoni Gutiérrez Rubíthat until 2022 he advised Fernández.

“We don’t answer Milei, we have an agenda of proposals,” he told Clarion a qualified massista. Close to the Minister of Economy, they emphasize that the criminal plan was not the way to stop the rise of the dollar and they trusted their own tools and the operations in the City that the secretary supervises. Legal Economy, Ricardo Casal; the head of the AFIP Carlos Castagnetto and the head of customs Guillermo Michel. “Massa works on the union of space. “She travels to see the governors so that they are united and Alberto cut himself alone,” they insisted.

In any case, Massa knew how to be more tolerant of the attacks of his allies on Milei. On Saturday, in a truck in La Matanza, he applauded the criticism of Vice Governor Verónica Magario who mentioned the libertarian by name and surname. The same did the diatribe of Axel Kiciillof, who was always more aggressive than Massa with the libertarian, but was always careful to name him.

While the questioning be tacitthe presidential candidate accepts criticism of the La Libertad Avanza candidate.

He applauded Máximo Kirchner on Saturday in Bajo Flores and he himself proposed this Wednesday that a psychological test be given to the candidates who reach the runoff to guarantee that the next president will have “emotional stability.”

The CGT went further and He asked to put the libertarian in prison, because “if he won he wouldn’t be able to take office”, but for Massa the President’s denunciation was more inconvenient. Fernández, who only participated in one management and campaign activity with the minister, was privately very critical of the official strategy who never claimed his management. Despite his subterranean opinions, he stayed within the script. Until now.

After visiting Entre Ríos to shore up his chances and those of the local candidates, Massa will travel on Friday to Mendoza and San Juan, two provinces that he planned to visit on Wednesday. Trips to Río Negro and Santa Cruz, which she had originally planned to visit on Friday, will have to be rescheduled. Next week he will aim all his guns at the Buenos Aires suburbs.

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