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Sergio Massa seeks to rearm his candidacy: blessing of Cristina Kirchner and the possible presidential formula

There are days of extreme nervousness in the ruling coalition. The currency crisis and the reappearance in an act of Cristina Elisabet Kirchner it altered the spirits of the main actors of the Peronist soap opera.

A sample of that was experienced this Wednesday night at the Ministry of Economy. Sergio Tomás Massa gathered his entire team. They were in the Scalabrini Hall since Raúl Rigo, Leonardo Madcur and Gabriel Rubinstein to Central Bank officials and Ariel Sujarchukformer Secretary of State who returned to his payments (Escobar) for the 2023 electoral fight.

Massa, tense, overacted harshly and gave a message to spread: “This is not for shitters… Whoever is afraid, gets off now or buys a dog.” Deputy Minister Gabriel Rubinstein, a man not used to such political tricks, turned pale at times. But the real despair happened when the crisis led the blue dollar to close to 500 pesos last Tuesday.

Sergio Massa and Alberto Fernández, in the Quinta de Olivos on a day of maximum tension for the dollar. Photo Twitter Gabriela Cerruti

The Economy Minister monitored each episode of the hectic exchange week with Cristina Kirchner. He was also in line with Alberto Fernández but the fine tuning of events managed them with the Vice President. The balance of the Frente de Todos has been reconfigured in the last hours and the CFK act in La Plata this Thursday finished outlining the map: Strong political decisions, including electoral ones, go through Cristina and Massa. And they hardly invite some gestures (the minister, not Cristina) to the head of state, such as the meeting this Friday with several Peronist governors.

Cristina reappeared this Thursday at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata. Massa knew the axes of CFK’s discourse but he followed the hour and a half of that speech with attention, where he received “pampering” for handling the exchange crisis and for the use of the swap with China: “Sergio” and “the Minister of Economy” were the references of the lawyer from La Plata , who did not mention the President at any time.

CFK’s appearance left several signs: the decision to polarize with Javier Milei and thus leave Together for Change out of the debate. That the idea of ​​its most faithful leaders of a “super act” on May 25 remained on standby. The geographical decision defined him: from the dream of a crowded 9 de Julio avenue -and as a corollary of an operational outcry- to a flirtatious theater and with all the necessary assurances for the safety and comfort of the political leader of Kirchnerism.

Cristina Kirchner led an act at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Cristina Kirchner led an act at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Another element was the presence of Axel Kicillof and Máximo Kirchner, sitting together. One will go to the fight for re-election in the governorship and the other will have the pen for the Buenos Aires lists: all CFK decision.

Having achieved the intention of Christianity to place political centrality in the hands of its leader, what follows is “plan B” for the presidential dispute. Those closest to Vice left convinced that, today, Massa has the greatest blessing. And for that, Cristina considers giving the governors a wink in the formula. Claudia Abdala de Zamora, wife of the Santiago president Gerardo Zamorais the preferred name to complete the payroll.

The Provisional President of the Senate Claudia Abdala de Zamora.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

The Provisional President of the Senate Claudia Abdala de Zamora. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

“This is how you close the governors, you nominate a woman, who is from the interior on top of that. A signal to the ‘Big North’, where the votes are,” reasons one of those attending the act in La Plata. Cristina did not define if she will still be a candidate, but with her phrase “I already gave everything. President, no, no,” she said when the militants asked her for that, opens the space for him to compete for the Senate in the Province. Thus, I would add fueros and a key chair for what she imagines as her future, which is to be the head of the opposition to the next “right-wing” government.

In this scenario, it remains to be seen what destiny CFK imagines for Wado de Pedro. In the event that inflation and the dollar prevent Massa from being competitive, the current Minister of the Interior is the one who has the OK of the Vice President and of Christian sectors, such as the wayward Juan Grabois.

Meanwhile, Massa dreams of capturing votes outside the Kirchner hard core. And he will maintain a balance with Alberto Fernández, with whom he met, for example, this Friday at the CCK and with a group of governors such as Raul Jalil, Mariano Arcioni, Sergio Ziliotto, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, Gerardo Zamora and Gustavo Melella.

Thus, it will be seen from now on, a common strategy of Cristinismo and massismo facing albertismo. Victims of this, Alberto Fernández and Daniel Osvaldo Scioli, who does not pretend to be the President’s candidate but to be in the electoral dispute supported by all sectors of Peronism.

Also this Friday It’s Massa’s 51st birthday. There will be a reserved dinner at his house in Tigre. And he talks until late, reviewing what was the act of La Plata, where everything seemed to indicate that Cristina’s public blessing reached him. At least for a while, the dark clouds of unruly inflation and the unleashed dollar will lift. Muffa cancels.

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