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Sergio Massa distanced himself from Alberto Fernández: he said that he would not summon “half of his ministers” and said that the Olivos party damaged his credibility

Sergio MassaMinister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria, distanced himself from Alberto Fernández: He said that he would not summon “half of his ministers”, he said that the olive festival damaged his credibility and maintained that “Venezuela is a dictatorship.”

In an interview with LN+considered this Thursday that the party that took place at the Quinta de Olivos during the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemicto celebrate the first lady’s birthday, Fabiola Yanezwas the credibility turning point” of the government.

Regarding how Alberto Fernández will be remembered in the future, he considered: “There is a part of history and merit that we cannot look at with sufficient objectivity yet, which is having carried a pandemic on his back.”

He also criticized some of the measures taken during the pandemic, especially the late opening of schools: “At that time I was president of the Chamber of Deputies and I spoke out in favor of opening the schools.”

On the other hand, Massa also made clear his differences with the President regarding the formation of the Cabinet. “Half of Alberto Fernández’s ministers would not be with me“, he stated.

In that sense, he explained that “he would assemble his team differently” and assured that, if he wins the presidential elections, he will add to his Cabinet “radicals” and “Peronists who are in the PRO today“.

Likewise, he differed from the president regarding his speech at the United Nations (UN) about Cuba and Venezuela. Last Tuesday in New York, Alberto asked to “end the inadmissible” blockade against Cuba, while demanding to “immediately cease the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela.”

For his part, Massa did not hesitate to affirm that “Venezuela is a dictatorship“and remarked:”Foreign policy when I am president will be defined by me. “I have the courage to make the changes I have to make.”

In another section of the interview, the journalist He asked him if “the Government did nothing wrong” so that there is 40 percent poverty and more than 100 percent inflation. “Yes of course. A lot of things“he acknowledged.

And he exemplified with his arrival to the Economy portfolio: “That the president of the Chamber of Deputies has to take charge of an expanded ministry is clearly consequence of errors“.

Finally, he referred to the reopening of the cases against Cristina Kirchner of Hotesur and Los Sauces: “I am very struck by the political timing in the middle of the electoral process. She did not appear in nine months, and she was asleep, but she appears after the PASO when a sector of the opposition falls and they collapse in the polls.

Furthermore, he avoided answering if there is a political persecution against the Vice President: “In any case, more than the discussion of whether she is persecuted or not, it is clear that the timing that causes a stir about Cristina’s figure is with electoral timing.”

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