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Sergio Berni, very harsh with the Government for the Mapuche conflict: ‘What is happening in our Patagonia is an act of surrender’

The Buenos Aires Security Minister questioned the official inaction in the face of what he described as a “concession of sovereignty.” And he quoted José de San Martín.

With a unusual hardness even for your style, sergio berni addressed the Mapuche conflict, after it was learned this Monday of another shooting attack and the burning of a gendarmes post in Villa Mascardi. And in a critical tone towards the role of the Government, he pointed out: “I qualify as an act of delivery and concession of our sovereignty what is happening in our Patagonia”.

“The Homeland is not negotiated with anyone; not with the economic sectors of power, nor with the radicalized groups calling themselves Mapuche“, pointed out the Buenos Aires Minister of Security in a brief but forceful thread on Twitter.

Immediately afterwards, the official of Axel Kicillof who does not spare criticism against Alberto Fernández and his minister Aníbal Fernández, it was allowed to quote the hero José de San Martín to contextualize your opinion.

“Each step backwards in our history as an independent people, from the political, the territorial and the economic, it will cost us bloodsweat and tears. When the country is in danger everything is allowedexcept not to defend it,” paraphrased the Buenos Aires minister who accompanied his second post on the social network with the acronym “JDSM” as the signature of the phrase’s authorship.

Berni’s position in the face of the attacks by radicalized Mapuches in the south of the country, although not new, did attract attention due to his tone particularly critical.

This Monday, the owner of a farm in the Rio Negro town of Villa Mascardi, 30 kilometers from Bariloche, denounced that the Gendarmerie box that guards the place was set on fire in an alleged Mapuche attack.

The irony of the situation is that the post was part of the modest operation ordered by the Ministry of Security, after Governor Arabela Carreras called Aníbal Fernández to contain the recurrent violence in the place.

The three gendarmes who guarded the box made of metal, they suffered no injuries.

According to the version of the premises, at least five people “went down” from the upper sector of Mascardi, with fuel elements and shots, to where the booth is located on rubber wheels.

They immediately poured flammable liquid around it and set it on fire. destruction was complete. Some of the neighbors mention “a raid” of people and assure that the attack was planned in advance.

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