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“See you soon”: Colombian man said in his last message before his death

Escobar was sedated and then given a lethal injection. (symbolic)

Cali, Colombia:

After an unprecedented court decision in Colombia, Victor Escobar decided to die and do so publicly. After this, Escobar became one of the first Latin Americans to end his life without suffering from an incurable disease. Hours before he died Friday, Escobar, 60, celebrated victory in his two-year battle with lung disease.


Escobar, a religiously Catholic, said in a video sent to news organizations, “Slowly, everyone’s turn comes. That’s why I don’t say goodbye, but see you soon.” His lawyer said on Twitter that he died in the presence of doctors in the city of Cali.

In his last surviving footage, he is seen smiling and surrounded by family. He was sedated and then given a lethal injection. In Colombia, suicide with the help of another person has not been punishable since 1997. In July 2021, a high court extended the “right to dignified death” to those who were not suffering from a terminal illness.

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Colombia is the first Latin American country to take this step and one of the few countries in the world. Where this was done despite being mostly Roman Catholic. The Church categorically opposes euthanasia and aid in suicide.

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“I was already feeling sick. I felt like my lungs didn’t listen to me,” Escobar told AFP at the end of his legal battle in October. Diabetes and cardiac ailment had put him on a wheel chair and he suffered from convulsions, from which his body was torn apart.

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His family also supported the idea of ​​euthanasia. In Europe, only Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain have legalized euthanasia.


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