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Security due to the conflict in the Middle East: Patricia Bullrich lowered the alert from “orange” to “moderate”

This morning the Government lowered the security alert level due to the conflict between Israel and Iran from “orange” to “moderate”. This was confirmed by official sources to Clarionin a decision that was made official before the Federal Police by the minister of the area, Patricia Bullrich.

It represents a significant change in relation to Saturday, at the beginning of Iran’s drone attacks on Israel, when the Casa Rosada had determined that the situation warranted an “orange” alert. “It has already been lowered to moderate,” confirmed security officials consulted by this newspaper during midday.

The modification in the position seemed a counterpoint in relation to the statements of the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, who shortly before and in a press conference had declared that “the level of security was raised in Argentina, along with the decision to reinforce controls in the borders”.

Adorni even cited Bullrich. “The level of security has been increased in what Minister Bullrich listed to us in a general way: all the objectives, sites or spaces that are believed to be more sensitive for this moment of great confusion to have additional security,” she said. However, Security changed the alert level this morning.

The state of maximum alert had included the reinforcement of existing surveillance at potential risk points such as the Israeli Embassy, the Government House and various sites of the Jewish community throughout the country. In addition, special attention was also paid to the custody of international officials living in the country. Meanwhile, the Triple Border area is the other hot spot that the PFA is closely monitoring.

The difference between orange alert and moderate alert is registered on the Security website. For example, when the organizations that make up the Sinagir, that is, the National System for Comprehensive Risk Management, issue an orange alert, “we are talking about that the risk levels are important, that the necessary conditions have been specified for the phenomenon that we are monitoring occurs in a matter of hours or minutes, except in the case of volcanoes.”

Along the same lines, when a yellow alert issued by one of the members is published in the Sinagir, “we are talking about an event with possibilities of moderate risk.” That is, they say, “you should be attentive since the event we monitor may require some type of action in the short or medium term.”

The Buenos Aires operation around the conflict

In parallel, From the City they also talked about the operation surrounding the Israeli-Iranian conflict. It was the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Waldo Wolff, who highlighted that the Sensitive Targets Division, created during Jorge Macri’s administration, is working in coordination with the federal security forces, after Iran’s attack on Israel that led to the reinforcements of centers of the Israeli community.

“We created the Sensitive Targets Division by decree and it has been operating for several months. We have fixed sensitive targets, although today international terrorism is beginning to look for targets that are not conventional,” Wolff said in radio statements.

The minister recalled that by law, The City “cannot do intelligence,” although he stressed that “classical intelligence must be differentiated with data that we can provide to federal forces.”

“The police are not prepared to combat terrorism, but they can be instructed to identify a bag, make a cordon, call the bomb squad, etc. The objective is to improve the capacity of our forces,” Wolff summarized. According to Buenos Aires sources, More than 200 establishments of the Jewish community were reinforced, of which there are 30 that are shared with federal forces.

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