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Secrets and experiences behind a show in “Sequins”

Music, dance, stories and secrets will invade the Braulio Castillo Theater in Bayamón, which will become a nightclub for the presentation of the play “Lentejuelas”. The work will uncover the experiences and the best kept secrets of the transformists who work in this fun club. Sequins will be presented on June 24 and 25, starting at 8:00 at night.

“After the arrival of Bárbara Sotomayor, the new transvestite who joins the group of talents of the “LENTEJUELAS” club, all the other girls get a little nervous and tense because of her disrespectful attitudes and language. That special night for the anniversary of the Club, fights and debates arise that bring to light the stories and experiences of each one of the transformists guided by the “MOTHER”, who is the oldest of them and with more years of experience”, expressed the actor Ángel Manuel, who plays ‘Miguel’.

Lentejuelas is a story written and directed by Abi Villarreal and will also feature stellar performances by Joselo Arroyo, Julio Vizcarrondo, Luis Felicier, Ramón Torres and Joel Berrios.

“Through the piece it is intended to show the public a more human face on the world of transformism. That people understand about the artistic work they do and all that it entails. Being a drag queen involves a lot of discipline and sacrifices. Through these functions we are going to offer the public a quality show and, above all, carry a message of awareness about the importance and value of this branch of the LGBTT community”, said the director and director Abi Villarreal.

The performances of “Lentejuelas” come from Telón Azul and will premiere on June 24 and 25, at 8:00 p.m., at the Braulio Castillo Theater in Bayamón. Tickets are available at Ticketera. For more information you can access Facebook and IG as Lentejuelas 2022, El teatro está de MODA or Telón Azul.

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