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Searching warriors find human remains in an uninhabited area of ​​Guaymas

SONORA.- Remains of more than 12 bodies found by the group of female warriors Seekers from Guaymasbased on an anonymous complaint in Sonora.

The volunteers went to the vicinity of a lonely room in a deserted lotwhere they found a deep well, in which they have found at least a dozen bodies.

The finding was in the Yaqui community of Vicamin the municipality of Guaymas, in southern Sonora, where they went accompanied by personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office and the National Guard.

The women members of the missing persons search group claim to have found several charred bones.

Around noon on Thursday, August 3, they began the search, which yielded positive results on Friday, August 4. The indications indicate that It could be the skeletal remains of more than 12 different people.

While the warriors carried out the search, they were accompanied by elements of the National Guard, as well as personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office was in charge of the removal of the remains found to carry out the corresponding analysis and the genetic comparison with relatives of the disappeared in order to identify them.

However, the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office has not officially confirmed the exact number of people whose remains were found in the well, because due to their state, it has not been possible to determine how many people they belong to.

The members of the search groups stated that it was possible to locate them thanks to the Sonora Commission for the Search for Missing Persons, by supporting them with technology, transportation, and logistics.

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Throughout the country, women and seekers attend to the search for remains in clandestine graves and various remote places.

In Guanajuato, the Hasta Encontrarte collective has reported this year some findings in properties, where they even dig graves.

On previous occasions, the Seeker Warriors have gone out to explore the waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez, which is a natural heritage of humanity, in search of human remains. They, together with teams of divers, have reviewed the Guaymas Bay area.

The groups search even in hot areas, despite the fear of threats from criminal groups.

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