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Scientists find out how corona is harming the heart

Melbourne, October 3 (agency)

How corona virus infection damages heart cells. Researchers have been able to find out about this. This has given hope to find better treatments for cardiac problems that develop in patients who have recovered from Covid-19. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia found in a small group research that Covid-19 infection damages the DNA present in heart tissue. In the case of influenza-infected patients, there was no damage in the DNA of the tissues.

The researchers said that both COVID-19 and influenza are serious infectious diseases involving the respiratory system, but they have been shown to affect heart tissue in different ways. According to Aruth Kulsinghe, a member of the research team, COVID-19 caused more severe and chronic cardiovascular diseases in patients than the 2009 influenza pandemic, but what caused it at the molecular level was not known. In our research, we did not find traces of the virus in the heart tissue of patients infected with Covid-19, but we did record changes in DNA damage and repair in them, he said.

damage to DNA

According to Kulsinghe, the process of DNA damage and repair can be attributed to diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis (destruction of blood flow due to the accumulation of fat in the arteries of the heart) and neurodegenerative disorders (diseases in which the nervous system is either destroyed or destroyed). stops working), so it is important to know why this happens in patients with COVID-19. He said that the data related to the effect of Covid-19 on the heart was earlier based only on biomarkers present in the blood and other factors including blood pressure, heart rate, because the process of obtaining samples for heart biopsy is complicated. However, for this research, published in a recent issue of ‘Journal Immunology’, heart tissue taken during post-mortems from seven patients who died of Covid-19 in Brazil, two patients who succumbed to influenza and six such patients. Gaya, who had never been infected with Influenza nor Covid-19. This research showed how COVID-19 affects the body in comparison to other respiratory infections.

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