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Saudi Arabia hanged 81 people in a single day: Report

Saudi Arabia Execution: 81 people were sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh :

Terrorism Charges by Saudi Arabia On Saturday, 81 people were hanged to death in a single day in the crimes related to Saudi Arabia Execution. This figure is equal to the total number of criminals who got death sentence in the last one year. The Saudi Press Agency said in a statement that all of them had been found guilty of all heinous crimes. Many of these convicts are said to be linked to the Islamic State group, al-Qaeda or Houthi insurgent organizations or other terrorist organizations. The agency has said that the people who have been hanged were planning attacks in Saudi Arabia. This included conspiracy to kill a large number of civilians and attack on security forces. These convicts were conspiring to target government employees and important economic institutions.


At the same time, their intention was to blow the police vehicles of law enforcement officers, agencies with a blast through the landmines. They were involved in cases of kidnapping, torture, rape, smuggling, arms and bomb blasts. The 81 people who have been hanged include 73 Saudi citizens, seven Yemenis and one Syrian national. All these were tried in Saudi courts and 13 judges supervised these cases.

The agency has also said that the Saudi government will continue to take the toughest decisions against terrorism in such cases without any leniency and will take strict action against those spreading radical ideologies. It is worth noting that the Gulf countries are at the forefront of giving death penalty to convicted criminals in various cases. Sometimes the death penalty has been given by beheading the offender. Human rights organizations and many western countries have been criticizing him for this.

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