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Saudi Arabia bets on women’s football

The surprising announcement was made by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who highlighted the importance of empower women and allow them to actively participate in the world of sport, in particular football.

Marking a significant step towards promoting gender equality in sport, the plan includes several key initiatives:

-Creation of women’s leagues: Saudi Arabia plans to establish women’s soccer leagues throughout the country, allowing Saudi women of all ages to compete at local, regional and national levels.

-Development of sports infrastructure: Significant resources will be invested in building and improving sporting facilities that suit the needs of women’s football, including high-quality training pitches.

Training and talent development– Training and talent development programs will be implemented to foster the growth of Saudi female soccer players, providing them with the skills and training necessary to compete at the international level.

Support for the Women’s National Team: The Saudi government is committed to providing strong support to the women’s national football team, with the aim of leading the team to high-level international competitions.

Education and awareness: Educational campaigns will be carried out to raise awareness in society about the importance of gender equality in sport and to eliminate stigmas related to women’s participation in football.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed his enthusiasm for the project and stressed that women’s football is an opportunity to empower women and show the world Saudi Arabia’s determination to promote gender equality. He also called on the international community to support this initiative and collaborate in the expansion of women’s sports in the country.

This advertisement represents a significant progress in the direction of greater inclusion of women in sport in Saudi Arabia, and is expected to have a positive impact on the development of women’s football in the region and globally.

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