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Satisfied Rafael Lenín López to ask his “first question” to Governor Pedro Pierluisi

This afternoon the analysis program “First Question” premiered, moderated by the journalist Rafael Lenin Lopezwho debuted in his new house, Telemundoand which had as its first guest the Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi.

He returned to the charge as he had anticipated on January 10 when he officially entered the channel, located in Hato Rey, with a program for the Elections 2024which consists of three segments with the figure of Lenín López as the only moderator and who at the end of the transmission told The new day feel satisfied and relieved with the end result.

The next step will be to do a self-evaluation with the production team, but he assures that in terms of content he achieved what he had proposed.

“It will be adjusted and perfected. I think that today was a great program in terms of the interview with the Governor. He is very politically disciplined in his message. We knew this was going to happen and so we wanted to ask data and number questions to present the information to him. But we are happy. There was anxiety, there is no more. So we already passed the first experience”, he expressed about the program described as an analysis, opinion, interviews and exclusive information, produced by telenews.

A simple and modern set design, with a wide screen in the background and others on the sides, served to receive the Governor in the first segment, whom the experienced journalist questioned on issues related to the economy, employment, security, crime, academic lag, increases that impact the working class, and other public policy problems that concern Puerto Rico.

After the broadcast of the premiere of the “First question” program, the journalist Rafael Lenín López was relaxed and satisfied with his performance. (Carlos Giusti/Staff)

In the same way, the “First Question” format allowed the interaction of the public who sent their questions by Whatsapp, as well as through Facebook, which in turn were projected on the screen.

While they remained seated on two stools, the second segment served for Pierluisi to answer whether his race for the governorship would continue and he would run for 2024. He assured that he would be re-elected, while he wanted to withdraw from the “battle in La Palma” before whoever he could to be his running mate in a primary, the resident commissioner in Washington, Jennifer Gonzalez. Likewise, she denied that she threatened those public employees, in reference to the denunciations that she made that militants who are public employees and support her are threatened.

With the seniority in his favor, Lenín López maintained the self-confidence and development that characterizes him before the cameras. And it is that this new professional stage brings him back to the screen, after three years off camera and after working behind them as vice president of the news department of “Noticentro” at Wapa Television, from where he left on October 17. . There he worked for 22 consecutive years.

“I am incisive, but respectful. I can interrupt him, but in a respectful way, without being aggressive, because it is not necessary. Being jovial and when you have to laugh you laugh, when you don’t, you don’t… I really believe in sailing, I think you get more out of the interviewee that way”, added the journalist, who in the end in a more relaxed tone put the Governor in trouble by asking him if he had plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow, knowing that he enjoys a loving relationship. Faced with the unexpected question, Pierluisi replied that at the moment he did not have anything planned, although the flowers could not be missing and he left room for surprises.

On the other hand, as analysts, the third segment had the intervention of the senator for the New Progressive Party, Thomas Rivera Schatz and the ex-governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, who in a heated way defended their respective points, in favor of their political affiliations. A “give and take” dynamic was sparked with their characteristic styles, to offer diverse perspectives.

“What I am looking for is to take advantage of the fact that we have two figures here, that one was president of the Senate, leader of the PNP. The other was DACO secretary, senator and governor. So I I think we have to get all that experience from them and put it at the service of the people. In what way? In contextualizing and delving into what happened before, what happened in history, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. They have too much information in their heads and too many experiences not to use them and to be able to get that spark to collide ideas and for people to reach their own conclusions,” he said.

The third segment included the intervention of Thomas Rivera Schatz and Alejandro García Padilla, according to analysts.
The third segment included the intervention of Thomas Rivera Schatz and Alejandro García Padilla, according to analysts. (Carlos Giusti/Staff)

This new program concept, which broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 5:30 p.m., adds to the offer offered by Telenoticias, and which will later also have access to the group of analysts that includes Anabelle Torres Colberg, Luis Pabón Roca and Carlos Díaz Olivo.

As regards local television, during that time slot “First Question” competes with the series “Melissa” from Wapa Televisión and with “Las Noticias” from TeleOnce.

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