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Russian army hurled bombs on soldiers sleeping in military barracks of Ukraine, killing dozens of soldiers

Ukraine Russia War : Russian army suddenly attacked the military camp


on Ukraine Russian attack (Russia Ukraine War) It is getting faster day by day. The Russian army suddenly attacked a military barracks in southern Ukraine on Friday morning, in which dozens of soldiers have been reported dead. A Ukrainian soldier said that the Russian army stormed early on Friday, when about 200 soldiers were sleeping in the military camp. A Ukrainian army soldier says at least 50 bodies have been removed from there. The attack took place in the city of Mykoliv in southern Ukraine. During the rescue operation, the eyewitness gave information related to the incident. He says that there is no information about how many other soldiers were buried under the rubble there. Another soldier said that at least 100 soldiers were killed in this bombing. However, no official information has been revealed about this.


It is being said that this military cantonment was completely destroyed in the continuous attack by rockets. The head of the regional administration, Vitaly Kim, said that the enemies attacked our sleeping soldiers in a cowardly manner. Rescue work is going on in this area. However, he did not give further details about this attack. He assured of getting official information about the loss of life and property soon. An AFP reporter saw rescue workers removing some bodies from the rubble there. A live person was also evacuated from there.

The soldier who escaped from there said that we are counting, but it is difficult to tell how many dead bodies have been found here so far. The mayor of the city of Mykoliv, Oleksandr Sankevich, told local journalists that before the war the city had a population of about half a million. But after Russia’s control over Kherson, the attacks have intensified here as well. The Russian army has been attacking Mykoliv, which is 130 km from strategically important Odessa, for several days in a row.

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