Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Russia Ukraine War: This war is Russia’s direct attack on the European Union: Prime Minister of Spain

“The decade that followed was defined by Francis Fukuyama’s article on the ‘end of history’: liberal democracy and the market economy existed and there was no way back,” he said. This is how my generation grew up: thinking that economic growth, interconnection, freedom of expression and speech, and human progress were just as predictable as it was inevitable. ,

He noted that now in 2022 “we know very well that liberal democracy does not come spontaneously and requires a lot of effort and nurture.”

“As I speak to you here today, Ukrainians are fighting not only for themselves, but also for our freedom and democracy,” Sanchez said. You would never have thought that we would see such a horrifying scene of bombings and genocide on European soil again. Names like Bucha and Mariupol have become synonymous with barbarism and war crimes, these acts cannot be left without punishment. ,

Spain’s prime minister said this “illegal, irrational and unfair war” was causing suffering and uneasiness in Ukraine and beyond.

“We are witnessing the largest human migration since World War II,” he said. 60 lakh people have fled the country (Ukraine) and 80 lakh people have been internally displaced. But this is not just a local or European crisis, it is a major international crisis, the consequences of which all of us will suffer, regardless of where we live.

He also said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created an unprecedented global food crisis, affecting people and families in poor countries and vulnerable groups.

Sanchez assured his support to Ukraine. He said, “Spain has once again given an example of solidarity. Ukraine should be assured that we will welcome Ukrainian refugees into our country, whose figure has now exceeded one lakh. ,

“We will continue to support harsh sanctions against (Russian President) Vladimir Putin’s regime and provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” he said.

“Putin’s barbaric attack on Ukraine is a direct attack on the European Union and the countries it represents,” Sanchez said. By responding with solidarity and firmness, the EU is not only protecting the fundamental principles of the international order, but it is also protecting the values ​​of the EU.

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