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Russia-Ukraine War: the Government of Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian forces for the crime of cameraman Brent Renaud

Russia stated that this Monday that cameraman Brent Renaud he was killed by the ukrainians. It Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, assured on Monday, who also assured that the victim was not a journalist, but a filmmaker.

In a session of the Security Council dedicated to dealing with the role of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Nebenzia dedicated part of the intervention to refute different information from recent days, according to him, distorted by a large number of media Communication.

And regarding the death of Brent Renaud, a cameraman shot dead in Irpin, near Kiev, the ambassador wanted to provide what he called “two details”: “He is not a journalist, the New York Times said so, but information appears on the internet that he was not engaged in journalistic activities but was a filmmaker,” he said.

Brent Renaud was shot to death on Sunday. Photo: AP

In addition, he pointed out that he was not killed by shots from Russian forces: “The testimonies of the attack say that the ones who shot were the ukrainians“, Held.

Renaud, 50, was hit along with the Colombian-American photographer Juan Arredondo, who was injured and could be evacuated to a hospital; From there, he wrote a post in which he said his vehicle was hit by gunfire from Russian forces as it approached a checkpoint and Renaud was shot in the neck.

The deceased, according to a web page he shared with his brother, had covered numerous conflicts in recent years such as Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Central American migration crisis.

A close friend told CNN that Renaud was working on a documentary about refugee flows around the world, and flew to Ukraine as soon as he heard about the war.

Source: EFE


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