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Russia-Ukraine war: London could throw Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda because they ‘entered without a visa’

Brexit won in Britain because of the obsession of the British working class against migrants and foreigners in the kingdom, who felt that they competed with their job possibilities and arrived via the European Union. Today in the kingdom there is a lack of labor because no Briton wants to work for the minimum hourly wage. Hotels, restaurants, agriculture and fruit harvesting suffer. They do not find staff due to immigration restrictions and Great Britain has ended free movement from Europe.

But the government of Boris Johnson plays a hypocritical double standard before the world: support Ukraine in the war, open arms to Ukrainian refugees formally, but won’t let them in if they don’t have visaswhich delivers in drops, although there are 300,000 Britons who want to receive them at home.

At the same time seeks deportation to Rwanda to the migrants, who arrive from France via the English Channel, in boats, where their asylum requests will be processed, 17,000 kilometers from the kingdom to where they already are.

A Ukrainian flag hangs at the London Coliseum in London. Photo: Daniel Leal / AFP

Ukrainians could be sent to Rwanda because, faced with visa delays and desperation to reach safety, these single women fleeing war with their children paid smugglers in northern France to reach the kingdom in the little boats

British Home Secretary Priti Patel, the daughter of an Indian migrant family who fled Idi Amin’s Uganda, wants to send the migrants to Rwanda. In the project Ukrainians will be included who have come to the kingdom without papers, when in the rest of Europe and for two years, Ukrainians fleeing the war can live, reside, have accommodation and receive social assistance of the state immediately, without the slightest formality.

The expensive and unusual road to Rwanda

The controversial policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda will not save British taxpayers money. It will cost around £12,000 ($14,684) for each person taking a one-way flight, a Home Office minister admitted to the House of Commons.

Tom Pursglove, the minister tasked with tackling illegal immigration told the home affairs select committee in the UK Parliament that the cost would be “similar” to the amount of public money it costs the Home Office.”process and accommodate each asylum seeker in the United Kingdom”.

The Home Office says that “the policy will save money in the long run because reduce the number of people crossing the Canal in small boats. However, Pursglove admitted that “the deterrent effect” was “difficult to quantify at this stage”, despite being the main objective.

Neither he nor Daniel Hobbs, the Home Office official in charge of policy, could point to no calculation that the deportation of immigrants to Rwanda would reduce the number of people crossing the Canal in small boats.

Boris Johnson's double politics with Ukraine.  Photo: Reuters

Boris Johnson’s double politics with Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

Nearly 8,000 people have made the journey across the Dover Strait this yearthe busiest in the world by big ships. More than triple the number that had arrived by this time last year. Home Office analysis predicts that 65,000 will arrive in 2022.

relocation agreements

“The agreement that Priti Patel, the Minister of the Interior, reached with the Rwandan government in Kigali last month could be the first of several relocation agreements”Pursglove told the committee.

“I doubt that it will be the last of these types of agreements to be reached, involving countries from all over the world,” he said. “But I really think there will be a deterrent effect,” she said.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel, of Indian origin.  Photo: Reuters

British Home Secretary Priti Patel, of Indian origin. Photo: Reuters

This is the substance of the agreement: threaten to send them to Rwanda so that they do not dare to cross. The consequence has been that migrants flee the British hotels and centers where they are housed and they hide.

They are lost to work in the British black labor market, where nor there are identity documents, and so that they are not deported. The procedure will make it illegal forever.

“Undocumented refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine could be considered for transfer to Rwanda”Hobbs told MPs.

Pursglove said it was “logical” that Rwanda’s policy would lead to a decrease in illegal crossings because it would damage the business model of human traffickers, if migrants were unable to remain in their desired destination.

When asked what model was used to provide the “evidence basis for this decision”, the minister replied: “This it’s a new policy Y not tested right now. What is absolutely clear is that we cannot continue with the status quo.”

Hobbs, director of asylum, protection and enforcement at the Home Office, said it was too difficult to predict the impact of the policy in reducing Channel crossings. The British Home Office has a “hostile environment” policy for migrants, initiated by then-Home Secretary Theresa May and being perfected by Priti Patel, a tough Brexiteer.

Asked if the Home Office could come up with a model that MPs could assess, Hobbs said: “No, you can do an assumption model as part of the evidence and to assess the numbers. But defining the impact and individual decisions of migrants is extremely complicated.”

Ukrainians to Rwanda

Refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine without documentation could be transferred to Rwanda, a senior Interior Ministry official has suggested.

Daniel Hobbs, director of asylum, protection and enforcement at the Home Office, could not rule out the possibility of Ukrainian refugees being considered for the policy, under which some migrants who arrive in the UK illegally will be put on a one-way flight to the UK. african country.

“The Afghan interpreters who helped British troops and arrived in the kingdom could also fall under the relocation policy,” he told the Commons home affairs committee. Hobbs told MPs that the only nationality excluded from deportation to the country was the Rwandans themselves.

Tom Pursglove, the minister tasked with tackling illegal immigration, was also unable to assure MPs that they would be exempt from the relocation policy.

Via Northern Ireland

Ireland’s policy of allowing all refugees fleeing the Ukraine war travel without a visa has raised concerns that Northern Ireland is being used as a “a back door” to enter the UK for those who lack documentation or identification.

The common border area allows people to cross into Northern Ireland and mainland Great Britain no controls. Non-Ukrainian citizens, fleeing Russia’s invasion, are not eligible for the UK’s two bespoke visa schemes, which were put in place in the wake of Russia’s invasion on February 24.

Stuart McDonald, SNP internal affairs spokesman, asked Hobbs about Ukrainians crossing into Northern Ireland from Ireland: “Are they within the scope of this policy or not?” Hobbs responded, “Depending on individual circumstances, they may not meet the ‘inadmissibility’ criteria.”

McDonald responded: “He is leaving open the possibility that they could cross from Dublin to Belfast and possibly end up in Rwanda.

Earlier, Dame Diana Johnson, chair of the committee, asked Pursglove whether Ukrainians who traveled to the UK on a small boat would face transfer to Rwanda. Pursglove replied: “There is absolutely no reason whereby a Ukrainian must get on a small boat and pay a human trafficker to enter the UK.”

The two safe and legal routes that Ukrainian refugees can use to enter the UK, the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, have been affected by delays. Only 15,000 Ukrainians have entered the kingdom of the 6 million who have fled the country.

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