Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Russia-Ukraine war, live: Putin’s government warns that the alleged Ukrainian attack on its territory will affect the negotiations

The Russian invasion of Ukraine a little over a month ago generated a sharp spike in the price of grains, which had already been on the rise due to the tight global stocks and the prospects of a decline in the South American harvest due to the drought.

But now, amid negotiations for a ceasefire in Eastern Europe, the markets react with losses in the main products.

Yesterday in the Chicago market, the main reference for agricultural commodities, the price of wheat fell 4.04 percent (US$ 15.71 per ton) and ended at US$ 372.67 per ton. Regarding soybeans, the May contract fell 1.27% (US$ 7.81) to US$ 603.70 per ton, and corn fell 2.97% (US$ 8.76) and stood at at US$ 285.91 per ton.

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