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Russia Ukraine War: Indian students who returned from death in Ukraine narrated their ordeal

Talking about his experiences, Dhruv told PTI, “Now that I am back in India, despite the situation I went through, it will continue to haunt me for many days. Life in Sumi during the war was terrible. I never thought that I would be able to return to India alive.
Narrating his story, Dhruv claimed that he was taken hostage along with some other students in Sumi.

Dhruv Pandita said, “We were locked in a bunker and we did not have drinking water and food. We had to melt ice for drinking water. We were not being allowed to leave.” Dhruv, a fourth year MBBS student at Sumy State University, said it was only due to the efforts of the Indian government that he was able to return safely from the northeastern city of Ukraine.

Dhruv said, “Blasts and shelling were happening everywhere in Sumi. This was the most challenging time for us. The Indian government made it possible that we could return to our homes alive. It’s like the beginning of a new life for me.”

Dhruv’s father Sanjay Pandita had reached the airport with his entire family to pick up his son. To welcome the son, he took garlands, sweets and bouquets. After hugging his son Dhruv, Sanjay Pandita started crying. He said that this is the new birth of his son. Many other students who returned to India also shared their experiences. Virdha Lakshmi, a resident of Thrissur, Kerala, arrived at the airport with her three-year-old pet white cat.

“I didn’t want to leave my cat in Ukraine to die in the bombings and shelling,” Lakshmi told PTI. Our trip to Poland was stopped due to security reasons and so we could reach Poland from Sumy in two days. We didn’t expect that we would survive.

Indian Air Force aircraft carrying 213 Indians from Poland reached Hindon on Friday afternoon. Mehtab, another student from Bihar who reached Hindon, said that he spent 13 days in the war and went without electricity, food and water for many days. Mehtab said, “All the students were desperate and scared. We were all thinking about how we will go back to India after escaping. Is.

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The student came with her cat on her return home from Ukraine, said – we were living in bunkers there

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