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Russia Ukraine Crisis: Europe at a critical juncture, ‘warning time is decreasing’ : NATO, UK

Russia Ukraine Crisis a big threat to Europe: NATO

Ukraine on (Ukraine) Russia The threat of (Russia) attack has become even more serious. Russia has now started military exercises with Ukraine’s neighbor and its friendly country Belarus. There itself nato The President of NATO has warned that Russian forces for military exercises in Belarus also exist on the borders of Ukraine and are a serious threat to the security of Europe. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a press conference with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “We are closely monitoring the deployment of Russian forces in Belarus, this winter.” Most after the war.”


“This is a dangerous moment for the security of Europe. The number of Russian forces is increasing. The time of warning of a possible attack is also getting shorter,” he said.

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Russia denies plans to attack Ukraine, but Russia’s 1,45,000 troops are stationed on Ukraine’s border. Due to this, America also had to deploy 3000 more soldiers in Poland and Romania in the commands of Eastern Europe of NATO.

America believes that Russia can attack Ukraine in mid-February. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said Russia could strike Ukraine “tomorrow too”.

The US also claimed that Russia is planning a big conspiracy to attack Ukraine. The US says that Russia will show that Russia was attacked by Ukraine first and then attacked Ukraine in retaliation. The US has accused the Kremlin of plotting a fake attack by Russia’s Ukrainian military so that Moscow can take military action against the neighboring country in retaliation.

On the other hand, Ukraine’s former Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk has also said in an interview to The Guardian that, “The situation is very bad. Russia can now occupy any city in Ukraine. But there is no need to occupy the whole of Ukraine.” For this, Russia will need 2 lakh soldiers. Which is not yet deployed. At present, Russia has deployed 70% of the force needed to occupy the whole of Ukraine.


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