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Russia softens, Vladimir Putin ready to withdraw some soldiers from Ukraine border

Russian President Vladimir Putin said we don’t want war


Ukraine (Ukarine Border) of Russia) There have been signs of softening on Tuesday night amid fears of an attack anytime. The Russian presidential office, the Kremlin, has said that the Russian military is ready to withdraw some troops from the Ukrainian border. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said that his country is bringing back some military forces from the Ukrainian border to military camps. This exercise is believed to be the first sign of a reduction in tensions between Western countries and Russia for several weeks. It has also been said from the President of Russia that his country is ready for talks with Western countries.


Russia will have to face serious consequences for the invasion of Ukraine: USA warns again

Western leaders have said they see positive signs that Russia is taking steps to de-escalate tensions over the Ukraine issue. At present, about one lakh Russian soldiers are present on the Ukrainian border. The Russian army has said that some of its soldiers and weapons will be brought back after the completion of the exercise. Western countries and America allege that Russia is mobilizing large-scale troops on the border to attack Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has warned Russia of dire consequences for attacking Ukraine. Along with this, it has also been said to impose strict economic sanctions. “Of course we don’t want war and we want a solution to this issue with the West,” President Vladimir Putin said after meeting German Chancellor Olaf Solz in Moscow.

There is still a threat of Russian army attack on the Ukrainian border. Despite diplomatic initiatives, the threat of war with Ukraine is not over yet. US President Joe Biden has once again warned Russia of “serious consequences” for attacking Ukraine, saying the avenues of diplomacy are still available if Russia shows a constructive stance. US Presidential House White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Caryn Jean-Pierre said that the US is actively working towards reaching a diplomatic solution to ease the crisis. Biden spoke with Russian President Putin last week and is in contact with the Russian government in full coordination with allies.

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