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Russia sees an agreement with the US and NATO as possible

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with his Foreign Minister to discuss the crisis with Ukraine. / Reuters

The Russian Foreign Minister has met with President Putin and has proposed that diplomatic talks “continue and increase”


The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has assured this Monday that he sees an agreement with the United States and NATO as possible if “Russia’s proposals” on security “are heard”, although he has urged to continue negotiating.

“It seems to me that our capabilities are by no means exhausted. Of course, we should not continue indefinitely, but at this stage I propose that the talks continue and increase,” he said in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Thus, he has clarified that he sees an agreement with the West on security guarantees in Europe as possible, an issue that has caused a growing increase in tension on the border with Ukraine due to the deployment of a greater number of Russian troops.

Lavrov has stressed that the “consistent and clarifying” Russian work, as well as the “fidelity to the explanation of his reason” will help the objective, an agreement, “to be achieved.” However, he insists that this will be linked to “there being a certain will” to yield on certain arguments by the opposing party.

«We have already said it more than once (…), that we warn about the unacceptable nature of endless conversations on issues that must be resolved today. And today, as head of the Foreign Ministry, I must say that there is always the possibility »of reaching an agreement, he has qualified.

Last week, however, the Russian authorities rejected the response presented by the United States and NATO to Moscow’s proposals on security in Europe, calling it “discourtesy”.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition, they again called on the international community to comply with “its assumed commitments, including those of the Minsk Agreements”, with which it seeks to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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