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Russia is closer to Q4 matches, says Russian ambassador Viktor Koronelli

The ambassador of Russia in Mexico, Victor Koronelliconsiders that the right-wing parties in the country are closer to the United States, while his government identifies more with those of left.

In an interview for THE FINANCIALKoronelli recalled that last week they installed friendship groups with both nations in the Chamber of Deputies, and emphasized the parties that made them up. “At United States-Mexico Friendship Groupthe majority of the members is represented by the opposition, by the right, by the militants of the National Action Party (PAN)”, he highlighted.

On the other hand, he contrasted that during the installation of his group, all the members belonged to Morena, the PT and a representative of the PRI. He assured that Russia feels closer to leftist groups around the world “for his progressive vision”.

about the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He insisted that they maintain solid relationships that they have been cultivating for a long time.

According to Koronelli, in October 2018, when he was president-elect, López Obrador “held bilateral meetings with only three ambassadors: China, the apostolic nuncio of the Holy See and me. With the others he had group meetings.”

He also reiterated that “the relationship is close, we maintain dialogue at various levels on different issues. I maintain permanent contact with the Foreign Ministry”.

Ambassador Koronelli explained that during the three years he has been in Mexico, “Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov has come twice, and Secretary Marcelo Ebrard he also paid a visit to Moscow.”

“Also last year our presidents had a telephone conversation. Therefore the relationship, the cooperation between the two countries is positivefruitful”, he concluded.

When questioned about the presence of Russian spies in Mexico, Koronelli denied that these surveillance actions are being carried out.

fake news. I do not have this information; Foreign Minister Ebrard responded that they are pure declarations. If you have samples, please submit them.”

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