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Russell Brand faces new sexual assault lawsuit

The legal issues for Russell Brand they don’t finish, for a few weeks the actor and comedian has been under investigation of the authorities of United Kingdomafter, at least, four women they will point it out abuse and inappropriate sexual conduct.

This situation made the BBC distanced himself from him professionally and Youtube suspend the content that Brand had on its platform. Now him Katy Perry’s ex-husband He is once again in the middle of the scandal and again due to a sexual lawsuit.

According to information published by TMZRusell is being pointed out by an actress with whom he shared the recording set in 2010, during the recording of the film “Arthur”and who claims he lived through hell because of Brand.

The events would have occurred in July of that same year, according to the statements of the young woman who calls herself Jane Doe, when Russell showed her his genitals, an act that part of the cast and production team would also have witnessed.

Furthermore, he explained that after the Brand incident He followed her to one of the bathrooms.where he attacked her while “a member of the production team was watching the door from outside”the portal quoted.

Doe claims that that day the comedian showed up in very bad condition, that he smelled of alcohol and that “I carried a bottle of vodka on set.”

In the documents, the woman also alleges that she was hired by the production to work for three days, but after this incident she did not receive any calls again, in addition to only receiving payment for a single day of work.

Jane explains that the aggression left him with consequences, because he still suffers from fear and extreme shame. Likewise, she is scared that her name is included in the list. Hollywood blacklist for taking legal action against a renowned celebrity, as well as any type of retaliation.

The comedian has not commented on these new accusations, however; After the other allegations came to light, Brand has defended his presumed innocence and He insists that all of his intimate encounters have been consensual.

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