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Runoff 2023: what is the difference between the blank and contested vote?

The next November 19 ballot will define who will be the new President of the Nation. On the one hand there will be Sergio Massa on behalf of the ruling party, while its competitor is Javier Mileifrom La Libertad Avanza.

After a sector of Together for Changelead by Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrichwill support the libertarian in this election, other members of the opposition coalition proposed remaining “neutral” and vote blank.

This generated a strong internal debate in the space that makes up the PRO and the Radical Civic Union, among other parties. While those who support Milei believe that the blank vote is functional to the continuity of Kirchnerismthose who remain neutral assure that by being dissatisfied with the two options they prefer not to interfere in this election.

According to the National Electoral Chamber (CNE), the blank vote will not be counted the same than in the general elections. On the other hand, the contested or null vote It is not counted in any electoral scenario.

2023 ballot: how is the blank vote different from the contested vote?

According to the CNE, the blank vote “represents a manifestation of the will of the electorate to refrain from choosing among the various proposals formulated in a legal suffrage system.” To do so, the ballot must be placed in the ballot box. empty envelope or with a colored paperwithout images or inscriptions.

The blank vote was not counted in the general election. Photo: EFE.

He contested vote It is that which is not official, which is considered so when a citizen inserts an unofficial ballot or one that includes images or inscriptions of another type in the envelope. In no electoral scenario is it counted, but rather is discarded.

Outside of what is a runoff, the blank vote is distributed among the candidates according to the percentage of affirmative votes that they have achieved in the election. For example, if candidate A receives 33% of the votes, in the final count he will be given 33% of the blank votes. This It only happens in the primary electionsnot in the general elections or in a runoff.

Neither the blank vote nor the contested vote is counted in this runoff.  Photo: Xinhua.Neither the blank vote nor the contested vote is counted in this runoff. Photo: Xinhua.

It is important to clarify that neither the blank vote nor the contested vote will be counted in the next runoff, but only affirmative votes for one candidate or the other will be taken into account.

Elections 2023: what is the runoff

After the reform of the National Constitution in 1994, the runoff system was implemented for presidential elections. This is a possible voting instance if no candidate exceeds the 45% of the votes or 40% with a difference of 10 points over the second in the general elections.

The next ballot will be on November 19, because Sergio Massa (Unión por la Patria) obtained only the 36.68% of the votes, while Javier Milei achieved the 29.98%.

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