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Rumenigge regrets the departure of Alaba and Kroos from Bayern

Former Executive Director of Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rumenigge, lamented in an interview on the German television channel bild tv the departure of David Alaba and Toni Kroos, who currently play for real Madridafter the Spanish club won its fourteenth Champions League title last Saturday.

Rumenigge, which is now part of the UEFA Executive Committeeadmitted that he regrets Alaba’s departure from Bayern Munich at zero cost, after his contract ended in 2021.

The Bavarian fans charged this weekend against Bayern’s management for letting two footballers escape like Alaba and Kroos, decisions that arouse controversy after the recent victory of the two players with Real Madrid in Paris.

“I’m sorry to see David go. He was the boss of the defence, he had an incredible year under Hansi Flick with victory in the Champions League in Lisbon. It is seen that this part David Alaba, missing at Bayern. That is something that I regret,” said Rumenigge about the Austrian footballer.

In addition to the loss of Alaba, Rumenigge also referred to Real Madrid player Toni Kroos, who left the Bavarian club in 2014 in exchange for 25 million euros. The former Bayern manager explains that the sale of Kroos it was because the club could not cope with the demands of his agent to continue, but considered that the agreement that was reached in the end was positive, and that “both parties can be satisfied”.

“Your agent did great demands to Bayern, which we could not deliver. We charged a transfer, but I don’t think we did everything wrong,” Rumenigge explained.

“We don’t need to argue with the fact that he has had an extraordinary career. He is given it. It is also an exceptional club to play for. That will have helped him with the collection of trophies. He has had great managers.. They’re not called Royals for nothing.” He added about the German footballer’s time at the Spanish club.

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