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Rubiales saves his head: the TAD reduces the kiss due to lack of decorum and the CSD cannot suspend him

He Court Administrative of the Sport has decided to classify as a foul serious Luis Rubiales’ kiss to Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup final medal ceremony. This fact means that the CSD cannot suspend Rubiales as president of the Federation, since to implement said mechanism it was required that the TAD consider the act as a very serious offense. It was expected that the TAD would consider the action very serious, so Rubiales would be sanctioned immediately.

This decision is independent of the investigation opened by FIFA, which has decided to provisionally suspend Rubiales while it investigates the facts. Due to this decision by FIFA, Rubiales is not currently in charge of the RFEF, since neither he has resigned nor will the CSD be able to provisionally suspend him as the Government expected.

Furthermore, due to the TAD resolution, the maximum future sanction of disqualification that Rubiales faces, if there was one, would be two years.

Feminists rage at the TAD decision

A group of feminists gathered again this Friday afternoon in Madrid to protest against the decision of the TAD, shouting: “without injury it is also aggression”. The spokesperson for the convening platform, ‘Libres y Combativas’, has described as “a shame” the fact that finally Rubiales’ kiss to Hermoso is considered a “serious offense” and not “very serious.”

“Just when we thought we couldn’t feel more ashamed, the TAD has come out saying that it doesn’t find that it was abuse of power by Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso. We have come out to say that we are fed up, that it is over, that it is something we cannot bear anymore,” she said.

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