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Rubén Blades: master of the stage for five hours in his concert “Salswing!”

If today the Panamanian singer-songwriter Ruben Blades contemplate retiring from the stage as he thought in 2016, he can be sure that his musical work will never have an expiration date. The legacy of the singer, musician, composer, lawyer, teacher and activist is immortal. Blades puts on any “shoe” and manages to stomp on each of its facets.

The composer has always been great with his content lyrics and social criticism, with his musicality, with a unique style in the salsa genre and with his compositions that reflect life and document humanity. Nevertheless, When the singer-songwriter arrives on stage, he is simply an exceptional teacher and those who attended the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico yesterday confirmed once again the greatness of the award-winning artist.

Blades presented his concert “Salswing!” last night, for five hours in a show of musical quality from start to finish. He performed 41 songs in Spanish and English. The title of his tour is in honor of the production “Salswing!” with which he won two Latin Grammys in 2021, in the categories of Best Album of the Year and Best Tropical Latin Album.

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The veteran interpreter made a wide musical journey of his career by remembering the exact dates and interpreting songs from his beginnings to the present. He even sang songs from the 1960s. Needless to say, Blades is a teacher of the harpsichord, “swing” and other tropical genres, and if you add to that being accompanied by the orchestra of Roberto Delgado it is a unique and memorable banquet with sextet and Big Band arrangements.

The sound and performance of the orchestra was impeccable. The orchestra deserves the same attention as the artist, since they know perfectly each composition of Blades and other salsa colleagues.

As usual, the 73-year-old singer-songwriter took the opportunity to dictate the history of each song and with his enviable memory specified details that included other musicians and singers, promoters of the salsa genre in the world.. He singled out most of his colleagues from the Fania label.

The only inconvenience of the show is that when offering a long concert, many people left the venue after 1:00 am The concert began at 8:40 pm and ended at 1:40 in the morning.

The best moments

Here we tell you what were the best moments of the artist’s show that made the Puerto Rico Coliseum a dance floor:

Blades started the concert with the classic “Caminando” and immediately established the reference of singing from Puerto Rico with the mention of Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, followed by the name of actor Benicio del Toro.

”The first thing I have to do is thank you for being here in difficult times. Welcome me again… three years ago we were here on a very special night. I really thank you very much because you do not need important talent and receiving me is an honor ”, greeted the artist, who showed his jocularity throughout the musical evening.

It began with a special dedication to his soul brother, the deceased Cheo Felicianoemotional moment of the concert. He performed the songs “Guaracha y Bembé”, “La Palomilla” and the bolero “Even though you don’t want me”.

The recognition of the singer of the singers, Héctor Lavoe, was another mention that deserves to be remembered. The artist assured that Lavoe is “irreplaceable”, just before interpreting the hit “Pablo Pueblo”. In the same way, he affirmed that the best composer of the genre was the Puerto Rican Tite Curet Alonso and honored him by interpreting one of his classics “Plantación Adentro”, with which he caused the public to stand up from their seats for the first time in the concert.

The climax of the concert without a doubt was the complete interpretation of the album “Siembra” released in 1978 with its Puerto Rican counterpart Willie Colon, under the Fania record label. Blades and Colón created one of the most successful and powerful pairings on the Latin pentagram. The album “Siembra” is the best-selling record production in the salsa genre.

For the first time, the singer-songwriter performed the seven classics consecutively as they were positioned in the iconic production. The first theme was “Plastic”, followed by “Looking for guayaba”. For the classic “Pedro Navaja” he invited the Puerto Rican teacher and musician Luis Perico Ortiz. He later interpreted “María Lionza”, “Ojos”, “Dime” and “Siembra”. The composer gave a brief summary of how the album was conceived, which was initially rejected by some music industry executives in New York.

The other highlight of the “show” came with the successes of the production “Buscando América” and Seis del Solar. The salsa poet chose to start the segment with the classic “Decisiones”, including “Cuentas del alma” and “Amor control”. The audience was on their feet at all times singing and dancing to the classics. On the subject “Love and control” he highlighted that she spent two years without being able to interpret it because of the emotional meaning it had in her life. She dedicated the song to a family going through cancer.

The artist made several reflections during the concert, provoking the interaction of the public. One of them was that he explained his reasons for studying law in his native country, since education is free of cost in Panama. He later said that he paid for his studies at Harvard University. His reflection was aimed at young people by emphasizing that it does not matter where you come from or the circumstances, “since destinies are not inherited, they are made.”

On the other hand, the song “Juan Pachanga” was one of the most applauded of the night and the enjoyment of the audience by integrating two solos from the musicians in the audience. The other three classics that caused a standing coliseum were “Tiburón”, “Patria” and “Maestra vida”. With “Patria” the stage was painted with our single star.

In short, the singer-songwriter still has a lot to contribute on stage. Few artists present a five-hour concert singing live. Blades is simply a legend!

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