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Rooney is sincere: “I was scared to death because of my huge problems with alcohol”

Wayne Rooneya former Manchester United player, assured thate was scared to death because of his alcohol problems.

The now coach of Derby County, in the Championship, went through the program bbc breakfast to talk about the documentary about his life that will be released on Amazon, in which some of his problems are reviewed, such as drinking, violence and infidelity.

“Probably the thing that scared me the most was death. I made a lot of mistakes, which could have been worse. All because of alcohol. Women, drunk driving, that I did this, or even my problems could have led me to kill someone or myself. I knew I needed help to save myself and my family,” Rooney said.

“15 years ago you couldn’t walk into a locker room and acknowledge that you have an alcohol problem and that you have a mental illness. I couldn’t do that,” he added.

Rooney also talks in the documentary about how violent he was as a young man, going to a town near Manchester to get into fights. “There were times when he came back with a black eye, another time they dislocated my jaw, he was 13 years old.”

“I remember one day I was crossing the road with a bottle of cider in my hand. My coach at Everton back then stopped the car to let me through. The next day at training he picked me up and said, “Listen, you have the most talent I’ve ever seen from someone your age. Don’t waste it.”

On his current situation with the drink, Rooney pointed out that now he is fine and that he controls it.

I was never an alcoholic, it was more of a binge. If I had two days off, I spent them drinking. Then I tried to recover to go to work and train. There were times that I was not at my best level in the clubs I was in. Now I have talked to people and it has helped me. At that time I did not do it and I kept it and everything gets worse“, he assured.


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