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‘Rolex’ Case: Why was the house of the president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, raided?

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, has been in the public eye again after Peruvian authorities raided the president’s house last Friday for alleged illicit enrichment related to the use of luxury watches from the brand ‘Rolex‘.

Boluarte is under investigation after she was seen in public wearing expensive watches since she began her government as vice president and Minister of Development and Equality.

According to the first reports, the events occurred the night of last Friday, March 29, when Peruvian authorities raided the house of the president and the government palace as part of a corruption investigation.

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office is preliminary investigating Boluarte for the alleged crimes of illicit enrichment and failure to testify to the detriment of the State for the use of three luxury watches whose origin the president has not clarified until now.

On Saturday, Boluarte in a public message after the raids assured that the Prosecutor’s Office acted “unconstitutionally” and that “it has been systematically attacked”, generating, according to her, “political, social and economic instability.” She added that her defense recommended that she “not make any public statements yet” until she does so before the Public Ministry.

During the raids, the delivery of the Rolex watches by the president was not located or occurred.

According to the BBC, the investigations began following a report from the portal The Encerrona published on March 14 where journalists analyzed thousands of photos of the president attending various events where she is seen wearing watches, which could be valued at thousands of dollars.

What does the report that accuses Boluarte of wearing luxury watches say?

Journalists from the digital media reported that the president was seen carrying about 15 luxury watches from different brandsincluding the ‘Rolex’ brand.

It was in February of this year that the communicators in exhaustive review observed thousands of photographs of Boluarte’s public activities archived by the government itself, where they put together a database and realized that the president, since her beginnings as Minister of Development and Inclusion Social in 2021, he has worn luxurious watches.

According to Marco Sifuentesdirector of the media outlet La Encerrona, in his first appearances Boluarte would have worn a watch Michael Kors, with a value greater than 200 dollars. However, when she assumed the presidency of the country, the official began to be seen with models more expensive.

“We confirmed that one of them was a Rolex, valued at at least 14 thousand dollars, because we had many high-quality images. We did not want to say that the others were Rolex, we had doubts about three others, but Peruvian media affirm that they are from the same brand after consulting with experts,” says Sifuentes.

The policies of the South American country indicate that government officials must present a sworn declaration about the assets they exceed the value of 10,300 soles ($2,774)as explained by Peruvian journalist Martín Riepl.

However, the web portal confirmed that the president had not reported the watches to the Foreign Ministry.

“We asked the Foreign Ministry, which is in charge of the protocol, for information, to see if they had purchased any watches, also from the presidential office, but they told us no. We also asked Dina Boluarte for explanations, but she did not respond to us. In her sworn statements there is not a hint of these devices. If they were gifts, they also had to have been declared,” Sifuentes explained.

Although the president has had fewer and fewer public appearances, on March 16, she said that the supposed Rolex to which La Encerrona refers was a possession from “yesterday”which he had bought with his effort.

“What I want to say, not to the biased news, but to all of Peru, is that I have been working since I was 18 and what I have is the result of my effort and my work. The particular article is from yesteryear, I use it very occasionally,” said Dina Boluarte.

For his part, Sifuentes assures that the president’s response is not “satisfactory,” because the watches “are models from this decade.”

Boluarte, a 61-year-old lawyer, assumed power on December 7, 2022, after the dismissal of Pedro Castillowith a salary of less than 4,200 dollars, and after that he began to exhibit luxury watches. * With information from AP

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