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Rogelio Frigerio started the campaign in Entre Ríos and Juntos seeks to wrest another provincial from Peronism

The candidate for governor of Juntos por Entre Ríos, Rogelio Frigerio, launched his campaign ahead of the October general elections with the focus on Juntos taking another province away from Peronism.

At the launch of the campaign he was accompanied by all the candidates for mayors, community leaders and presidents of boards who won the PASO of the opposition front.

Carried out in Villaguay, this is Frigerio’s first public activity after the 7.2% victory of Juntos against Unión por la Patria, which leads Alberto Bahl as a candidate for governor, in the PASO held on August 13.

Frigerio transmitted a message of unity together with the national deputy Pedro Galimberti, who competed with him in the PASO, and expressed that “there is only one force that can leave Kirchnerism behind.”

“People ask us to be united to be able to transform the province. As we did in the 2021 elections, the day after the PASO I was already working with Pedro to live up to what the people of Entre Ríos expect from us,” said the Juntos gubernatorial candidate.

In this sense, he pointed out: “We are going through one of the worst crises in Argentina’s history in memory and there is only one force that can leave Kirchnerism behind after 20 years of governing the province. That force is Together for Entre Ríos.”

Frigerio also addressed the militancy, the leaders and all the candidates in the space, gathered for the launch of the campaign: “I know the team I have and I am proud because we have honest people, with a vocation for service, who come to politics to serve others and that she is prepared, studies the problems and listens to people with humility. Here there are militants and leaders wanting to transform that reality that hurts us so much. This is not for anyone, it is for a team like this one”.

“For October 22 I want them the same as now: on the street, in the territory and listening to the neighbors, trying to convince them that we Entre Ríos give for much more and that we have enormous potential that needs to be awakened,” he concluded. .

Galimberti also addressed everyone present and confirmed his active participation in the space ahead of the general elections: “After the PASO marked a victory for Frigerio, I contacted him to make ourselves available and work together for October. . Entre Ríos has been governed by the same political sign for 20 years and the people of Entre Ríos are in need of a change. “Each of us who are here have to work to make that happen.”

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