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Rodríguez Larreta questioned the idea of ​​expanding the Supreme Court: “It is another attempt by the Government to advance”

In tune with Cristina Kirchner, President Alberto Fernández will receive the governors this Thursday to agree on an initiative to expand the Supreme Court of Justice. “As it is raised, I do not agree”announced this morning the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, about the idea of ​​an increase in the number of members of the country’s highest court.

It is one more attempt to advance the Government over the Judiciary as it was with the judicial reform, with the attempt to change the attorney’s law and the attempt to advance on the Council of the Judiciary,” Larreta said.

He pointed out that these are attempts in which the government “failed thanks to the unity of Together for Change.”

“We were, are and will be more united than ever, above all to stop this type of attacks of the Government,” exclaimed the head of the City Government at a press conference.

Larreta thus responded to Alberto Fernández, who will seek this Thursday to give a new message to the Court, which is preparing to rule on the injunction presented by the Buenos Aires administration after the cut in the September 2020 co-participation.

Late in the afternoon, the President will receive a group of PJ governors and possible allies at the Casa Rosada to move forward with the bill drafted by the Executive, and which the provincial chiefs want to take as their own, expansion of the highest court to at least 24 members. That is, one for each district.

Alberto Fernández’s criticism of the opposition

After the last public declarations of the President in a defiant tone against the opposition, Rodríguez Larreta considered this Thursday that Alberto Fernández “had said at the beginning of the mandate that he was going to unite the Argentines and he is doing exactly the opposite.”

“The President is going in the opposite direction. He deepens the crack, accuses and denounces, when Argentina needs the opposite,” he pointed out.

In this sense, he said that the head of state, instead of seeking “unity”, is dedicated to fomenting the crack “in the face of problems that he could not solve, such as inflation, poverty and insecurity.”

When asked if the President is trying to please Cristina Kirchner with his speeches directed at the opposition, he answered emphatically: “I don’t know. You have to ask him who he is talking to.”

Alberto Fernández’s meeting with Joe Biden

In another section of the conference, Larreta referred to Argentina’s participation in the Summit of the Americas and the meeting that Alberto F. will hold with his American counterpart, Joe Biden.

Although the head of the Buenos Aires Government indicated that “it seems good” for Argentina to participate in the Summit, he recalled that “it should always have participated” and questioned “this erratic thing” of the Government that “changes overnight” .

“That we are going, that we are not going, that the counter-summit… A number of contradictions that do not help anything. We have to be serious, a coherent country,” he said.

Larreta thus referred to the parallel meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) promoted by the President, who finally ended up confirming his participation in the Summit of the Americas.

Fernández delayed that confirmation because he wanted the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to attend the meeting. The United States considers these regimes to be dictatorships that violate human rights.

In this framework, Joe Biden called Alberto F. this Wednesday and invited him to a bilateral meeting at the White House at the end of July.


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