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Roberto Sueiro is the new president of the College of Show Producers

The enrollment of the College of Public Show Producers selected Roberto Sueiro as its new president.

In an annual assembly, the producers this week elected the members of the new board of directors 2022-2023. The producers Rolando Santa and Jeff Fontánez they were selected first and second vice-presidents respectively. Berquis de los Milagros Fernández, secretary, and Joseantonio Mellado Jr., treasurer, position held at the previous meeting. So too, they remained on the board Ivonne Class, Herman Dávila and José Lomba, elected as directors. The former president of the College, Tony Mojena, was also selected as director.

In his message of accountability, the outgoing president, Nelson Castro, listed the achievements of the board he presided over, among them: The elimination of the annual fee payment of the Internal Revenue license.

“The elimination of license fees, fines, penalties and interest for the year 2020, represented an average saving between $ 600 and $ 800 per producer, which translated into more than half a million dollars in savings for CoPEP enrollment,” he said. .

Another achievement was the adjustment of the renewal of the annual fee payment that represented savings of between $ 350 to $ 950 per collegiate and generated an estimated saving of $ 420 thousand for enrollment, the elimination of the collection of fees and permits for kiosks in the Municipality of San Juan, where previously $ 400 was paid for kiosks as street vendors and the elimination of the daily inspection of the Fire Department at events, which was reduced to only one, on the first day.

“The College of Producers has proven its relevance and commitment in defense of this industry,” expressed Nelson Castro in his message to the registration.

Castro belonged to the Board of the College for 12 years. The past four as president and previously held, under the presidency of Tony mojena, the first vice presidency for six years.

For his part, the executive director of the CoPEP, Juan Carlos Zapata, revealed that the new board’s agenda includes ticket offices and service charges as a priority issue.

Zapata also expressed himself, around the suggestion of the Scientific Coalition and know it, ómicron: “We call on citizens to be vaccinated with the third dose, so that if it is determined to require to enter an event, we can continue enjoying without this requirement threatening their attendance or affecting their presentation because they are not economically viable ”.

Zapata asked the government that before determining to demand a third dose of the vaccine to allow entry to the events, they take into consideration the opinion of the producers “and call us to a meeting for our collaboration,” he concluded.


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