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Roberto Romano joins the “Celebrities” of “Exatlón Estados Unidos”

Mexican actor and model Robert Roman will continue to try his luck on reality shows. Yesterday, Tuesday, the ex-boyfriend of the Venezuelan presenter Alicia Machado was integrated as a reinforcement of the “Famous” team in “United States Exathlon”.

“What ‘Exatlón Estados Unidos’ means to my family, to my friends, to me, without a doubt, is setting my limits as a human being. Life has prepared me for this moment, and leaving my comfort zone. I visualize my time at ‘Exatlón Estados Unidos’ as a participation that will give the team a lot of passion, a lot of intensity. What attracted me to the ‘show’ format was the competition. I have always considered myself a competitive person, who gives 100%, “said the interpreter during an interview for the” fiercest competition on the planet “.

Romano continued that when analyzing each of his rivals, he understands that the Cuban Yoisel Barrios he is one of the strongest because he considers him a “fast and agile” person, and he is not wrong. Since day one of the competition, the 28-year-old CrossFit coach has scored a significant number of points for the “Contenders” team. In fact, he was the first car winner.

Regardless of the above, the seventh eliminated from the first edition of “The house of the famous”, another “reality show” of Telemundo”, he stressed that “his rooster came here to give him competition”.

It should be remembered that in “The House of the Famous” Romano generated a lot of controversy and confrontation with each of the participants. Christian De La Campa and Jorge Aravena They were two of the actors who almost went to the fists with who was part of the cast of “The Lord of the Skies”.

Speaking of fists, international media have begun to review an apparent fight between Romano and another of the participants of “Exatlón Estados Unidos”. They even mention that the altercation includes production staff.

The YouTube channel “JacoJRx2” shared that “Roberto Romano would be punching with everything that comes his way, even with production.”

If true, although throughout the six seasons of the “reality” there have been some controversies in which the athletes show certain annoyances with the way in which the competitions are carried out or with the attitude of some of the participants, never the level of resorting to blows had been reached.

The foregoing may be confirmed within two weeks, because, although the alleged news is given in real time, the broadcast of the program takes place 15 days later.

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